Tata Nexon fitted with aftermarket sunroof: Video shows how it works in real life

We reported in detail when Tata Motors decided to include a sunroof in its list of official accessories for the Nexon compact SUV. It may be noted here that the Nexon has been rather quick in establishing itself in the market. It looks really modern and comes with a host of features. However, it’s only now that Tata Motors has started providing a manual sunroof as an optional extra accessory for the Nexon. This sunroof is a pop-up unit from Webasto and can be operated using a lever. Moreover, one can quickly remove its glass if needed. Here’s a video that shows the glass being removed from the sunroof of a Tata Nexon.

As can be seen in the above video, the glass can be completely removed and put back using the lever and the two screws. While we don’t see many users removing the glass, it’s still good to know that the glass can be easily removed in case one needs to do so. The pop-up type sunroof can be bought for Rs 16,053. It can be installed in just a few hours, but requires cutting off a portion of the roof. As it’s a totally non-electric sunroof, there is no need to disturb the wiring. This means the warranty remains intact. The sunroof can be fitted in all variants of the Nexon.

The practicality of a sunroof remains highly questionable in our country as temperatures remain extreme almost throughout the year. However, we must say that a pop-up sunroof works well to enhance the visual appeal of the Nexon. Also, this particular unit is well-priced and doesn’t disturb the electricals. However, one needs to understand that fitting a sunroof involves modifying the structure of the roof, which might affect its strength. Hence, please think carefully before installing a sunroof on your car.

Via Webasto Delhi on Youtube