Tata Nexon goes through a wall and emerges on the other side

Cars breaking walls and emerging on the other side is something that we don’t see too often. Here’s a Tata Nexon caught in the rare act, of going through a wall and emerging on the other side.

Tata Nexon goes through a wall and emerges on the other side

The accident might have caused due to the Tata Nexon becoming uncontrolled. However, the exact details are not available. The pictures show the Nexon going through the wall to the other side and getting stuck. There is not much damage visible on the Nexon as well.

Tata Nexon goes through a wall and emerges on the other side

But do you think this is a show strength of the car? Well, the wall seems to be an unfinished one and was not as strong as the ones we get to see in the houses. It is a boundary wall of a compound and is probably not the strongest ones around. The Tata Nexon missed the concrete pillar by a few inches. If the car had crashed against the pillar, it could have been a different story altogether.

Tata Nexon goes through a wall and emerges on the other side

Going through a wall does not certify the strength of any car. However, Nexon did score a five-star rating in the Global NCAP test ratings and it is the safest car in the segment.

Tata Nexon became first 5-star rated car in India

In 2016, the Tata Nexon achieved a commendable four-star rating in its initial crash test. However, following some modifications and a retest, this mid-size SUV successfully attained a perfect five-star rating, making it the first car in India to achieve such a distinction. The Nexon received an impressive score of 16.06 out of 17, the highest ever achieved by any car manufactured in India. This additional score has elevated Nexon’s previous four-star rating to a five-star rating, as determined by the same testing agency.

It is important to note that the Tata Nexon’s body shell, platform, and structure remained unchanged since the tests conducted in August 2018. The number of standard dual front airbags in the Nexon also remained the same. The vehicle’s improved score is solely due to the inclusion of the full-channel version of ABS as a standard feature, along with the driver and passenger seatbelt reminder system.

Tata Motors has gained recognition for its exceptional build quality, and this is reflected in the Global NCAP results. Tata has expressed its commitment to target a minimum of a 4-star rating and strive for a 5-star rating for all its future vehicles. This commitment sets a trend for other manufacturers, who are likely to follow Tata Motors’ lead and prioritize the production of safer cars for the Indian market.

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