Tata Nexon hits bull at 70 km/h: Here is the result [Video]

Stray cattle and other animals roaming on Indian highways are a common sight and pose a significant danger to motorists. Numerous accidents involving animals have been witnessed, resulting in substantial damage to vehicles. One such incident involved a Tata Nexon colliding with a bull that unexpectedly leaped onto the road. Here is a detailed account of what transpired.

The incident was captured by the dashboard camera of the Tata Nexon, providing a clear view of the accident. The Tata Nexon was traveling on a single-lane, well-lit road at night. The road had recently been resurfaced. As the Tata Nexon advanced, a bull suddenly sprang from the roadside onto the middle of the road. The driver of the Tata Nexon was unable to react in time to slow down or avoid the collision. The dashboard camera indicated a speed of 70 km/h at the moment of impact.

The collision with the bull at such a high speed caused the animal to fall down. However, it appeared that the bull sustained minimal injuries as it swiftly got back on its feet and ran away from the scene. In contrast, the front of the Tata Nexon incurred severe damage.

Tata Nexon hits bull at 70 km/h: Here is the result [Video]

The hood of the car was completely mangled, and the front-end suffered extensive harm. It appears that even the radiator of the Tata Nexon was damaged. Remarkably, the passengers inside the Nexon emerged from the incident unscathed, without any injuries.

This incident serves as a reminder of the risks posed by stray animals on Indian highways and emphasizes the need for caution while driving in such areas.

Stray animals on Indian roads

The issue of stray cattle on Indian highways remains a significant concern, with little action taken to address this problem. In the past, officials in Uttar Pradesh attempted a measure by attaching high reflective tapes to the horns of stray cattle to improve their visibility at night. However, no substantial steps have been taken thus far to eliminate this road hazard.

To ensure safety while driving on Indian roads, it is crucial to adopt a defensive driving approach and exercise caution when overtaking. Before attempting an overtaking maneuver, it is essential to thoroughly assess the road ahead and ensure its safety. Numerous documented incidents have highlighted the grave consequences of reckless overtaking, particularly on the unpredictable roads of India.

Tata Nexon gets 5-star rating

In 2016, the Tata Nexon underwent an initial crash test and received a commendable four-star rating. However, after undergoing modifications and a subsequent retest, this mid-size SUV achieved a remarkable five-star rating, becoming the first car in India to attain such a distinction. The Nexon obtained an impressive score of 16.06 out of 17, the highest ever achieved by an Indian-manufactured car. This upgraded score has elevated the Nexon’s previous four-star rating to a five-star rating, as determined by the same testing agency.

It is worth noting that the Tata Nexon’s body shell, platform, and structure remained unchanged since the tests conducted in August 2018. The number of standard dual front airbags in the Nexon also remained the same. The vehicle’s improved score is solely attributed to the inclusion of the full-channel version of ABS as a standard feature, along with the driver and passenger seatbelt reminder system.

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