Tata Nexon’s off-roader form is BUTCH & handsome [Video]

Sub-4 meter SUVs like the Tata Nexon and Maruti Vitara Brezza are not actually SUVs but rather CUVs (Crossover Utility Vehicles). That’s because they are actually a cross between premium hatchbacks and SUVs. The body design of such cars may resemble that on a scaled down SUV but they are actually mechanically the same as a regular premium hatchback. However, what if a regular sub-4 meter SUV is converted into a hardcore off-roader? The same is answered by the video below which shows a Tata Nexon that has been rendered into a hardcore off-roader.

The video by NM tunes definitely makes the concept of turning a Nexon into a mad rally car look alluring. The Nexon is a front wheel drive vehicle and although it gets a segment-best ground clearance of 210 mm, it’s still no match for a 4×4 SUV. The ground clearance of this Nexon has been further boosted as it now rides on butch off-road spec tires shod onto five-spoke alloy wheels. The Nexon here has been painted in a shade of blue with silver and black accents all around.

The front bumper has been replaced by a custom offroad spec unit with bull bars. The bumper comes with integrated auxiliary lamps and tow hooks to enhance the practicality of the vehicle when tackling the rough terrain. The fenders have been flared all around and side body cladding has been added to the car, all in black. Other enhancements include side steps and a snorkel among others. The shoulder line gets an orange black strip running across its length for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of this Nexon.

Tata Nexon’s off-roader form is BUTCH & handsome [Video]

The roof a six auxiliary lights mounted on top along with roof rails. All in all, this Nexon looks quite butch and ready to take on the uncharted territories. As already mentioned, the stock Nexon comes with a front wheel drive drivetrain. However, this one could be fitted with a 4×4 drivetrain which will make it unstoppable. A lot of re-engineering and mechanical work would be required for that but the result would be a go anywhere Nexon. As for the engines, the stock engine could be replaced by a more powerful unit that would help those huge tires to roll without much trouble. A full stage remap can also be done as replacing the engine can be a tedious and expensive job.

Talking about Tata’s future plan, the company will launch the Cassini SUV by the end of this year which is said to come with an AWD drivetrain. It is also being said that the Harrier could get a similar AWD system but that is not confirmed by Tata yet. Apart from this, Tata will launch a new smaller than Nexon micro SUV in 2020 which has been codenamed as Hornbill. A Hyundai Creta rival (codename Blackbird) is also in making but that won’t be here before 2021.