Tata Nexon flips after hitting tipper truck: Occupants safe

Showing another example of exemplary safety provided by Tata Nexon, here is a video that shows a truck hitting the car and overturning it. The video from Karimnagar, Telangana shows how a Tata Nexon’s overtaking manoeuvre went wrong.

The video by Raviteja city drive world shows CCTV footage of the incident. In the video, a Tata Nexon was trying to overtake a tipper truck when things go wrong. The Nexon was on the left-hand side of the truck and both the vehicles were approaching a barricade that was positioned on the side of the road, which resulted in a limited amount of space around that spot.

The video further shows another car coming from the opposite side coming to stop near the turn as both the vehicles were approaching the barricade. As soon as the truck driver saw the car, he started coming to its left further reducing the space on the road.

Tata Nexon flips after hitting tipper truck: Occupants safe

That is when the Tata Nexon driver made his move. He tried to overtake the truck from its left-hand side. As the truck and the Nexon approached the barricade, there was only a little space left for the Nexon to go through. As it was too late to slow down and let the truck pass safely, the Nexon driver tried to squeeze in between the truck and the barricade.

Since there was almost no space, the truck’s front left hit the rear of the Nexon and turned the car. The Nexon dragged and came right in front of the truck. The truck then hit the Nexon, rolled it to its rooftop and lost control to go to its left.

Occupants are safe

The Tata Nexon was carrying five people at that moment. There were three adults and two kids. According to the reports, no one suffered any fatal injuries. Instead, all of them walked out of the car without any grave injuries. All five of them suffered only minor bruises.

Tata Nexon, which was earlier tested by Global NCAP in August 2016 was re-tested to receive the highest ever points by a made-in-India vehicle. The Nexon received 16.06 points out of 17, which was the highest ever rating achieved by any car ever made in India. This adds one more star to Nexon’s earlier 4-star rating by the same testing agency.

The Nexon later gave the safest car in India position to other cars like the Altroz, XUV500 and recently, the Tata Punch. In the past, many owners have thanked the build quality and safety provided by Tata cars after getting involved in accidents.

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