Tata Nexon owner thanks the build quality of the vehicle after BIG accident

Tata Nexon Crash Featured

Tata Nexon is India’s first vehicle that received the five-star safety rating from Global NCAP car crash testing agency. The Nexon is currently the only Indian vehicle with a five-star rating. Since the launch of the Nexon in the Indian market, many owners have praised the build quality of the vehicle and have also thanked the top-notch quality. Dilpreet Singh, a proud owner of Tata Nexon has posted the pictures of the damaged vehicle. We had a talk with him to know more about the incident.

Tata Nexon owner thanks the build quality of the vehicle after BIG accident

According to Mr Singh, the incident happened late at night in the Delhi-NCR. The accident happened on a narrow road and Mr Singh was driving the vehicle at that time. The Tata Nexon crashed into a big Sacred Fig or Pipal tree while trying to save a head-on collision with another vehicle.

Since the road was narrow, it had limited space and the tree was located on the shoulder of the road. Mr Singh saw another vehicle approaching from the opposite side but it did not slow down or gave way to him. To save the head-on collision, Mr Singh drove the vehicle into the tree. Since the Sacred Fig is a religious tree, we often see it barricaded with iron rails in India. This tree had a similar barricade that scrapped the side of the Tata Nexon and damaged it badly. Also, the car hit the roots of the tree and overturned. Mr Singh does not remember the exact speed of the vehicle but he says it would have been around 55-60 km/h, which is quite a lot.

The car rested on the driver-side and since it was late in the night, the area was isolated. Further, Mr Singh narrates that the Tata Nexon did a wonderful job of deploying the airbags and saving him from any kind of grievous injuries. No one came for help so Mr Singh broke the shattered co-driver window and came out of the vehicle on his own. The pictures of the vehicle show a badly damaged driver-side front fender and damaged roof of the vehicle. Interestingly, the vehicle’s pillars are still intact and in good shape. Even the driver-side door seems to be working and it is a great feat to achieve for a vehicle. There are also scratches on the side of the vehicle that indicates that the vehicle must have scrapped on the road after overturning.

Tata Nexon owner thanks the build quality of the vehicle after BIG accident

Interestingly, Mr Singh says that this is a before November 2018 model, which means it is not the latest five-star rated Tata Nexon. Before November’18 manufactured vehicles received a 4-star rating by Global NCAP. Yet the vehicle shows how strong and well-built it is. Currently, the Tata Nexon is the only car in the Indian market that are manufactured in India and has received the perfect 5-star rating from the Global NCAP test agency. Mr Sigh affirms that the vehicle’s build quality saved him more than anything else!

This is not the first story of Tata Nexon saving the occupants in an accident. Soon after its launch in India, many posts became viral on the social media that appreciated the build quality of the Tata Nexon.