Can a ‘power bank’ jump start a Tata Nexon? Check this video out!

A dead battery can be a big problem for modern cars. Modern cars are becoming heavier and with the electronics in place, it can be a task to push-start a vehicle. The simpler method is to jump-start the vehicle, which again requires a lot of effort including sourcing another car. The third option? Call the roadside assistance, this is a relatively easier option but is time-consuming. Here is a much simpler option that can be used to jump-start the car without sweating much.

This new product, known as the Hummer H8 is a portable battery pack that can be used to jumpstart vehicles! Yes, you read that right. YouTuber Bulu Patnaik has demonstrated the same with his Tata Nexon diesel. It should be noted that diesel engines require more powerful batteries to start the engines. For the demonstration, Bulu removed the stock battery of the Nexon diesel and has used the Hummer H8 battery pack instead.

To use the power bank, there is a special cable that goes into the special slots of the power bank. The slots are designed in a way that the negative terminal and positive terminals do not interchange. The other two ends of the wire are colour coded so that the users do not confuse the positive and negative terminals on the battery. The power bank comes with a lot of sensors that shut off the battery pack in case of a short circuit.

Can a ‘power bank’ jump start a Tata Nexon? Check this video out!

The power bank shows the green light once the terminals are connected properly and then the car becomes ready to be started normally. The battery pack also gets a booster system that can be pressed and used in the times when the battery is completely dead and needs some extra juice. Because the battery of the car was not connected to the Bulu’s Nexon diesel, he used the boost function to start the car.

What’s more? The device is of 8,000 mah capacity and it can be used to charge the regular phones and other devices like tablets. According to the specifications, the battery pack can be used to start a petrol engine of up to 5.0-litre cubic capacity and diesel engine of up to 3.0-litre cubic capacity, which covers all the cars available in the market. The price of the device is Rs 9,000 but it sure is very useful in tricky situations.

The Hummer H8 comes with a hard case with enough small pockets inside to hold all the cables in place. It also gets a built-in torch and there is a battery level indicator too. This device can be used to jumpstart motorcycles too and it can be charged through a regular car charger or house socket with micro USB.