Tata Nexon rear-ends Skoda Kushaq: Here’s the result [Video]

The number of five-star safety-rated cars in India has steadily increased over the years. Tata Nexon was the first five-star rated car in India and recently, Skoda Kushaq became the first five-star rated car under the new safety regulations of Global NCAP. A crash between both vehicles shows how these vehicles hold up against similarly build models.

The incident is from Jharkhand, Ranchi and the video shows several pictures of both vehicles. According to the information in the video, the Tata Nexon crashed into the Skoda Kushaq from the rear. We are not sure what led to the accident. It might be because of the sudden braking by Skoda Kushaq’s driver.

The right front of the Tata Nexon crashed into the rear left of the Kushaq. The accident does not look like a high-speed one. But both the vehicles have absorbed the impact very well. The rear bumper of the Skoda Kushaq looks damaged and there is a dent on the quarter panel too.

The Nexon has also absorbed the impact very well and parts like the front bumper, headlamp and quarter panel are damaged. All the occupants of both vehicles were safe and did not suffer any injuries. All the occupants were wearing seatbelts and came out of the vehicle without any problem.

Tata Nexon is India’s first 5-star-rated car

Tata Nexon scored four stars in its first-ever crash test in 2016. But after a few changes and a retest, the mid-size SUV scored a perfect 5-star rating to become India’s first such car. The Nexon received 16.06 points out of 17, which is the highest ever achieved by any car ever made in India. The extra score adds one more star to Nexon’s earlier 4-star rating by the same testing agency.

It should be noted that the Tata Nexon’s body shell, platform and structure remained unchanged from the tests that were done in August 2018. Even the number of standard dual front airbags of the Nexon remains the same. It is only the addition of the full-channel version of ABS in the Nexon as standard fitment plus the seatbelt reminder of the driver and the passenger raises the score of the vehicle.

Kushaq and Taigun are the safest cars in India

Tata Nexon rear-ends Skoda Kushaq: Here’s the result [Video]

Global NCAP updated its crash test protocols recently. Skoda Kushaq and Volkswagen Taigun were the first cars to be tested under the new safety protocol and both cars were awarded a five-star safety rating. Since the test procedures are much stricter than before, the Kushaq and Taigun are considered the safest cars ever tested by Global NCAP.

Both Skoda Kushaq and Volkswagen Taigun are the first vehicles to be made on the MQB A0 IN platform. It is made for the India platform and is derived from the MQB A0 platform that underpins a large number of cars in the international markets. While the platform is derived to make sure that they are cost-effective for developing markets like India, the latest crash tests by Global NCAP ensure that the new platform is as safe as the European counterparts.

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