Tata Nexon ‘Red Rhino’ accessory kit is affordable swag

The Tata Nexon looks all set to become another fairly successful model from the popular Indian UV and passenger car maker. Seen below is a video that shows some really simple and affordable modifications that make the car look even sassier. This modified Tata Nexon is being called the ‘Red Rhino’. All of this costs only Rs 30,000 and doesn’t affect the car’s warranty. We think the Tata Nexon ‘Red Rhino’ is a lot of affordable swag!

While this Nexon comes in a white-black color combo, enough has been done to set it apart from the regular version. Let’s start with talking about the front-end of this Nexon. As you can see above. the grille has a stripe of red running across its height. Actually, the customizer has decided to wrap two columns of the honeycomb mesh in red color. He also talks about how tough it was to get this done properly as it becomes a bit of a challenge to wrap up such details efficiently.

Moving ahead, you get the same alloys that come with the top-end XZ trims. However, one of the five spokes has been painted in red to enhance their visual appeal. Even the brake drums and calipers have been painted in red. You also get new decals on the side rub-stripes. The window-line, which comes painted in silver, has been wrapped in black.

Tata Nexon ‘Red Rhino’ accessory kit is affordable swag

Also, there’s a U-shaped red stripe that runs above the greenhouse to connect the A-pillar with the C-pillar. The red treatment has also been given to the ORVM caps. The red stripe continues to the rear-end, where even the plastic insert between the rear windscreen and the metal area of the hatch-door has been wrapped in black. Other than all this, the standard TATA insignias have been replaced with illuminated ones to make the car look even more stylish.