Tata Nexon reimagined as a low rider looks seriously HOT!

The sub-compact SUV Nexon from the country’s third largest carmaker Tata Motors despite having a 7 percent reduction in YoY sales still managed to attain the top spot for the country’s best-selling SUV. The SUV for quite some time now has remained in the top 3 on the top sellers chart and it seems like it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Overall it is an all-around package but to make it even more jaw-dropping recently an extremely talented artist on Instagram has shared a set of renderings in which this subcompact SUV has been reimagined as a wide body low rider with a roof box on top.

Tata Nexon reimagined as a low rider looks seriously HOT!

Recently a digital rendering artist on Instagram by the name of bozzconcepts shared some renders of a highly modified Tata Nexon. The artist reimagined the Nexon and shared the renderings saying, “That’s How We Welcome 2023! Tata Nexon BLUARC KIT from Bozz Concepts. The most requested one. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!”

From the pictures, we can note that the Nexon is finished in a sinister shade of graphite grey and is wearing an extremely aggressive widebody kit all around. On the front, the artist has given the Nexon a serious transformation and has made it look more evil. The bumper has been completely redesigned and in the place where the fog lamps would be positioned in a stock Nexon there are the signature Tata Tri-arrow elements which have also been sharpened a little bit. The lower grille also boast the same sharp tri-arrow embellishments. The wide extensions on the front bumper also boast a channel for air.

Tata Nexon reimagined as a low rider looks seriously HOT!

Moving on, from the front three quarter shot we can note that the vehicle with the kit is significantly wider than the stock Nexon and sits with an aggressive stance. And on the sides the artist has given the SUV a more aggressive set of side skirts. The car also boasts a set of custom wheels with low profile tyres. The vehicle has also been lowered quite a bit. Meanwhile taking a look at the rear we can also note a completely revamped bumper with more aggressive rear diffuser. Additionally the rendered version of the SUV also boasts two exhaust tips on both sides of the bumper. The number plate placement is also different on this reimagined car.

One of the major highlights of this entire rendered vehicle is the addition of the roof rails on top which also house a box carrier which in general is used for carrying surf boards. Additionally the car also gets a custom bonnet which has vents which in the stock is just a simple plane bonnet. Overall the artist has created an amazing looking vehicle that could become an inspiration for someone in the country to create a real life version of this render.

In terms of the real Tata Nexon in the market, as mentioned last month Tata Motors dispatched a total of 12,053 units of the Nexon in December 2022 as against 12,899 units in the same month last year, reporting a decline of 7 percent yet maintaining the top spot on the list.

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