Tata Nexon & Royal Enfield in a near miss: NEVER overtake on a blind curve [Video]

Tata Nexon & Royal Enfield in a near miss: NEVER overtake on a blind curve [Video]

Driving is one of those arts which require a lot of practice, patience and attention to attain perfection. However, it is a continuously evolving process and one should never think that they have have mastered the art of driving. Here’s one such example of how even simple day to day road travel can turn fatal due to small mistakes. The video below shows how a Royal Enfield rider was almost hit by an upcoming Tata Nexon on a blind mountain road turn. Take a look on the video which demonstrates the whole scenario, caught on an action camera.

The short video by LIVE LOVE RIDE is a perfect example of how things can go south in even the most unsuspecting circumstances. Talking about the video, the Royal Enfield rider is riding along the scenic road s of Shimla and enjoying the curvy mountainous roads while at it.

At one of the blind left turns, a red Tata Nexon suddenly shows up besides a bus. The sub-compact SUV, which was in a bid to overtake the bus, came head to head with the bike. However, before things got ugly, both of them slowed down and passed each other.


Now luckily, the rider is saved this instance by sheer luck as well as presence of mind. The rider slowed down the bike a bit before taking the corner which probably turned out to be life saving for him. Also, the Nexon driver was driving quite slow around the turn which gave enough time to both the vehicles for slowing down and maneuvering. Although he was at fault for overtaking a bus on a blind turn, his slow speed created the difference. The biker too did a commendable job at being attentive and bring the bike to a halt, because such situations are not easy to get out of in real life. On camera, it may still not seem to be that hazardous, but it is quite tough to keep your mind intact and not panic in the same situation.

Nexon Enfield Wrong Driving

Overtaking and riding around bends is always a tricky affair. However, one should always keep in mind about the safety of fellow road users apart from their own. Mountain driving is never easy and in many tricky parts of the mountainous regions, only certified and local authority approved rivers are allowed to drive.

The new government norm of making ABS compulsory on bikes at or above 125 cc capacity is a good step towards road safety. In worst case scenarios like the one above, ABS can be the deciding factor between life and death. As for all of you who read this, always drive/ride with your full attention on road and follow the basic road rules. After all, one can never say what may come up on the road and turn out to be a life threatening situation.

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