Tata Nexon climbs a STEEP 20 feet sand wall [Video]

Tata Nexon, which is the first sub-4m compact SUV from the brand became the first five-star safety rated vehicle in the Indian market. The Nexon is a popular car in the market and there are many happy owners with the vehicle. Tata Nexon, just like any other vehicle in the segment, does not offer an AWD or 4X4 system but it comes with drive modes that change the engine’s power and torque output. But can the Nexon do something that looks impossible? Well, here is a video that shows Tata Nexon climbing a very steep sand wall.

The exact location where this video was shot is not known but it seems to be a location where off-roading groups flock every weekend to test the capabilities of their vehicles. Nonetheless, the video by Madhu Chandra shows the Nexon speeding towards the steep hike and then completing the hike without any problem whatsoever. The vehicle climbs on the steep wall without any problem.

The person who made this video has mentioned that this is the petrol Nexon. This is the pre-facelifted version of the Nexon that offers the 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine as standard across the variants. The engine produces a maximum power of 110 PS of maximum power and 150 Nm of peak torque. Now, the video does not mention if the car used in the climb has stock tyres or aftermarket ones. Only changing the stock tyres to better ones increases the overall capability of the vehicle by quite much.

Tata Nexon climbs a STEEP 20 feet sand wall [Video]

Also, the wall seems to be solid enough and there is no loose sand or mud, which ensures that the tyres have enough traction to push the car to the top. Well, the Nexon has one of the highest ground clearances in the segment. With massive 209mm ground clearance, the bumper is positioned slightly higher, which increases the approach angle. This is why the driver of the Nexon could speed up and build the momentum before starting the climb. Other cars with lower approach angle will certainly damage the front bumper.

So how did the Nexon climb on the steep wall? The Nexon is quite powerful and the climb seems to be on solid ground. The driver of the car gained enough momentum by building speed and started his climb, which seems to have done the job. Any vehicle with a good approach angle, good tyres and enough power can make this climb and there is no need for 4X4 or AWD system here. Even the full-fledged SUVs like the Endeavour and Fortuner utilise the 4X4 system in very specific places when the situation and conditions demand for it.