Tata Nexon: What will happen if you press start-stop button in a moving vehicle [Video]

The Tata Nexon, like most other modern cars sold in India is equipped with a start-stop button. The start-stop button is meant to be a convenience feature, allowing the driver to start and stop the engine of the car without having to physically remove/retrieve the key from her/his pocket. It also allows a keyless entry into the car. Now, what happens if you press the start-stop button in a moving car, in this case a Tata Nexon? This video will reveal just that. Check it out.

As the video indicates, when the start-stop button of a moving Tata Nexon is pressed for a short duration, like it would happen in case of a mistake, there will be absolutely no reaction from the car’s engine. In other words, the car’s engine will continue to run normally. However, if the start-stop button is kept depressed for 3 seconds, then the engine will shut off, cutting power to the steering (which is electrically assisted) and the brakes (which are hydraulically assisted).

The lack of assist for the steering and brakes means that the effort needed to turn/stop the Nexon will be much higher. Clearly, fiddling around the start-stop button is not a good idea, except in case of an emergency. Also, if you find yourself in a situation that requires you to shut a moving car’s engine by pressing the start-stop button for 3 seconds continuously, make sure that the clutch is pressed simultaneously. Failing to press the clutch will result in sudden deceleration caused due to gears (transmission) locking.

So, when exactly should the start-stop button be pressed continuously for 3 seconds to shut off the engine?

Tata Nexon: What will happen if you press start-stop button in a moving vehicle [Video]

  1. In case of a fire in a moving vehicle, when you need to shut down the engine.
  2. In case of brake failure, when you intend to shut off the engine and use the gears to lock the wheels.

The start-stop button should be pressed for more than 3 seconds in a moving vehicle only in case of an emergency. Doing so can damage the vehicle’s  transmission badly if the clutch is not pressed simultaneously. So, make sure you don’t fiddle around with the start-stop button just for fun. The action of the start-stop button is the same for most vehicles. In case of vehicles equipped with an automatic gearbox, pressing the start-stop button for an extended period of time when the vehicle is in motion will result in the vehicle’s engine shutting off when the vehicle is still in gear.