Tata Nexon topples into a 20 foot ditch; Owner escapes without injury

Over the past few months, there have been numerous accounts of Tata Nexon owners thanking the build quality of the compact SUV after serious accidents. Are compact SUV owners driving too aggressively ignoring the high centre of gravity these vehicles come with, or is it just a mere coincidence? We’ll look at it in a bit. For now, here’s yet another accident involving the Tata Nexon, where the owner of the compact SUV thanks the vehicle’s solid build for saving his life.

Tata Nexon topples into a 20 foot ditch; Owner escapes without injury

The latest accident involving the Nexon has been reported by Surinder Shan of Jammu, who was driving the SUV from Jammu to Doda. Near Batote, Mr. Shan is said to have lost control over the vehicle, which toppled into a 20-foot ditch. Mr. Shan has put up a Facebook post thanking the Nexon’s build quality saving his life.

From the pictures showing the aftermath of the rollover accident, it’s evident that the Nexon has suffered very little damage to its structure, thereby allowing its occupants to scramble out to safety. A rollover crash at high speed sees poorly built cars simply crumple at impact, often crushing their occupants. And this is also how solidly built cars save lives.

Tata Nexon topples into a 20 foot ditch; Owner escapes without injury

Since there are no details about the speed at which this Nexon rolled over, we can’t really make out if this crash was one that happened at high speed. Even assuming that the rollover happened at a low speed, the Nexon does seem to have held up well. Full marks to the compact SUV for saving its occupants.

When in a SUV, take corners cautiously!

SUVs – sports utility vehicles – are prone to rollover accidents due to their high centres of gravity. SUV owners need to take corners cautiously as losing control at high speed corners is commonplace, especially if there is sudden braking and direction changes involved.

It’s always advisable to slow down adequately for a corner. Also, always fasten the seatbelts and opt for a car that has airbags and ABS. These three safety features work in tandem to keep you safe. Driving defensively on unknown roads is another technique that is a life saver.