Tata Nexon crosses flooded road effortlessly even as a Volvo XC90 gets STUCK [Video]

Rainfalls are a bane more than a boon if you’re behind the wheels on a busy street. When it rains in India, it becomes even worse due to the uneven roads and potholes all over. This makes driving on these roads extremely difficult as well as risky. Your car’s underbody can easily get damaged or worse, you may get stuck in the middle of the road in a deep puddle. However, sometimes you don’t have the choice of alternate routes or the patience and window to wait for things to settle down. Let’s look at a video of the Tata Nexon that when through smoothly even though there’s a Volvo XC90 was on standstill.

The above video has been recorded on a dashcam. The Nexon driver is seen taking out the car and looking around to examine the complete area and situation. He decides to take his car ahead after spotting the Volvo XC90. The Nexon goes through the flooded road almost effortlessly. The driver crosses the XC90, which is seen waiting in the middle of the flooded road. It’s not evident if it’s because of some issue in the SUV or it’s parked for some other reason.

The video is shot to show the complete view and the state of Indian roads during heavy rainfalls. Onlookers can be spotted looking at the whole scenario with awe. Towards the end of the video, the water level seems to be rising even more. However, our Nexon doesn’t stop at all while driving on the flooded road. Fellow drivers on the same stretch of road are seen giving him the way, so he can keep a constant speed and sail through smoothly. It is also covered in the video how a Toyota Fortuner and a Mercedes-Benz GLC are seemingly apprehensive to get on this flooded patch of road. By the look of how the driver of the Nexon, went through smoothly, it seems like he knows the road well and is confident that there wouldn’t be any issues.

Tata Nexon claims of 300 mm of water wading capability. It is definitely one of the highest in its segment and price bracket. Even though the Tata Nexon performed well in this testing time, it is still extremely dangerous to attempt a flooded patch of road in India during heavy rainfalls. The water could possibly enter the air intake and hydro-lock the vehicle. It could further enter the combustion chamber and can cause extreme damage to the engine.

Furthermore, if the ECU of the car comes in contact with water by any fluke, it could lead to a serious case of short circuit. It’s not only a huge risk to the physical safety of the occupants of the car but could also lead to a huge financial burden to get the damages fixed. Therefore, its advisable to avoid such roads if possible, especially if you don’t know the road well.