Tata Nexon with sunroof: Here’s how it can be done!

The Tata Nexon is easily the best showcase of its manufacturer’s IMPACT design philosophy. With looks that are befitting of a world-class compact crossover, the Nexon impresses with its high aesthetic appeal. While it’s too tough to pick out a flaw with this car’s design, there’s one feature that has been rather conspicuous by its absence. We are talking about a sunroof, which, for many, is something that enhances the style-factor of a car. Here, in this post, we have a short video that shows a Nexon flaunting an after-market electric sunroof.

tata nexon sunroof images

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Tata Motors offers a long list of optional accessories for the Nexon. This list includes stuff like Heads-up Display, Puddle Lamps, etc. However, the company is yet to start offering a sunroof as a part of this accessory package. This means that the only option that owners are left with is to buy a sunroof from third-party accessory retailers. However, at least you get a wide range of options. For example, Webasto offers a really wide range of sunroofs, which comprises of basic pop-up type units to full-sliding electric ones.

Like you can see in this video, the aftermarket installation of the electric-sliding spoiler-type sunroof looks pretty neat. Our experience tells us that most of these aftermarket installations from reputed sunroof companies are high on quality and reliability. Cases of leakage or electric failure seldom crop up and are covered under the warranty. Also, some companies even offer panoramic sunroof for the Nexon, which is something that would surely enhance the visual appeal of this sub-4 m compact SUV. A quick look at the official websites of these sunroof companies reveals that the price range starts at as low as Rs 10,000 and goes all the way to roughly Rs 1 lakh for the fully-electric units. Installation generally takes a few hours.

tata nexon sunroof images interior

What’s your view on this modified Tata Nexon with sunroof? Do you think that installing a sunroof enhances the looks of this compact SUV?