Tata Power Installs 1400 EV Chargers In Delhi

Tata Power Company’s subsidiary — Tata Power Delhi Distribution (TPDDL) has recently announced that they have boosted the charging infrastructure in Delhi and its neighbouring little towns by installing 1400 EV chargers. In addition to that, the company has also stated that they are working with the North Delhi Municipal Corporation for installing 50 EV chargers at parking slots and marketplaces under the jurisdiction of the civic body in the coming four-five months.

Tata Power Installs 1400 EV Chargers In Delhi

TPDDL’s chief executive officer Ganesh Srinivasan said in a statement, “We have already installed around 50 EV public chargers (nine in TPDDL area of operations) and 1,400 home chargers in NCR. We are also looking to identify 50 top resident welfare associations (RWAs) in our licensed area for installing 2-3 two charging stations per RWA,”

Currently, TPDDL supplies power to the north and northwest Delhi. The company has stated that it is in the process of developing the public and private EV charging infrastructure. The company is looking to increase the charging network in the city to cope up with the increasing EV power demands. To expand the public EV charging facilities the company is offering its land in leasing model for deployment of chargers and battery swap stations.

Srinivasan added, “Two battery swap stations at TPDDL Azadpur and Rohini RG-3 Grid have been deployed in collaboration with SUN Mobility in the land lease model,” In addition to this model the company has also introduced another sustainable model for the increment in the public EV charging network, under which the installation, operations and maintenance of the EV chargers is done by TATA Power. The public or private landowners who will lease their lands for the installation of the chargers will be paid their lease amount in the form of actual unit consumption of chargers. This model has been termed as the OPEX (operating expenses) model.

The company supremo Srinivasan has also stated that these EV chargers will offer services to all of the segments that provide electric mobility. He added that the only thing that differentiates them is the type of charging configuration. The charging configuration is primarily deployed as per the nearby traffic movement and business potential. The CEO stated that the charging stations with battery swap offer quick services to two and three-wheelers, and e-rickshaws. While there will be AC/DC chargers for two, three and four-wheeled vehicles.

This announcement from TPDDL is of particular importance as Delhi recorded nine percent EV sales from the total number of vehicles sold in the September-November period. In addition to it, the EV sales have also surpassed the sales of CNG vehicles in Delhi in the last quarter.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL), is a joint venture between the Government of NCT of Delhi and Tata Power Company Limited and in which Tata Power owns a 51 percent stake. Currently, TPDDL serves 7 million people in the North and North-West parts of Delhi. It has a registered consumer base of 1.60 million. The company’s operations span an area of 510 sq. km. with a recorded peak load of around 2074 MW.