Tata Punch 1.2 petrol delivers 27 Kmpl in a mileage test

Tata’s latest offering for Indian market is Punch micro SUV. We drove the SUV both on and off the road the review of the same is available on our website. If you want to read the detailed review about the all-new Tata Punch, click here. We already know that fuel prices are at all time high in the country and a fuel efficiency of car is a thing that many car owners would be concerned about. Here we have a fuel economy test video of the upcoming Tata and the results would actually shock you.

The video has been uploaded by Bunny Punia on his YouTube channel. Bunny started the fuel economy drive early in the morning when there were less number of vehicles on the road. He took the vehicle to a fuel station, filled the car to the brim and then started the journey. He had reset the trip meter to know how many kilometers he had covered. For this economy run, the Tata Punch was driven in Eco mode.

He started the journey in the city and then started moving towards highway via Gurugram. As it was early in the morning, city roads were quite empty and the car was doing a speed of 60-70 kmph. After covering 23.5 kms on trip meter, the car display was showing a fuel economy of 24.6 kmpl. The cruise control was set at 65 kmph. He soon joined the highway and the car was maintaining a speed between 65-70 kmph.

Tata Punch 1.2 petrol delivers 27 Kmpl in a mileage test

After completing around 50 kms, the display was showing a fuel economy of 26.2 kmpl already. By this time, heavy vehicles had started coming on the road and traffic had also started building on the road. In this fuel economy run Bunny drives the Tata Punch inside the city and on straight highways. Soon he left city roads and joined highway. At 100 kms mark, the Punch was showing a fuel economy of 26.5 kmpl on the display.

The fuel economy shown on the display is not always the right figures, there is a small margin of error on the readings. At this point, the speed was increased to 74 kmph. After driving on the highway for some distance, he took a U turn and started driving back. At around 150 kmss mark, the display was showing a economy figure of 26.2. The economy slightly decreased because of the elevation changes. By the time, he got back on the city roads, people had started coming out and there we decent amount of vehicles on the road.

Tata Punch 1.2 petrol delivers 27 Kmpl in a mileage test

Bunny drove the vehicle for almost 182.4 kms and the display showed an economy of 25.8 kmpl. He took the car to a fuel station and filled the car again to the brim. For covering 182.4 kms, Tata Punch took in 6.75 litres of fuel. This translates to an actual fuel economy of 27.02 kilometres to a litre.

We also did a real world fuel economy run which was different from what Bunny did. We did a fuel economy run on a Punch AMT version. The car was being driven in City drive mode and was driven on city roads mostly. We drove the car for around 103 kms in the city and it returned us a real life fuel economy of 17.2 kmpl. Tata has not yet revealed the certified fuel efficiency of the Tata Punch SUV.