Tata Punch and Hyundai Exter owner review each others car: Give brutally honest opinions [Video]

The South Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor India’s Exter has been making headlines for very good reasons. The new micro-SUV poses a huge threat to the reigning champion of the segment, the Tata Punch, and people are enjoying this battle. Recently, a unique video was shared online, comparing both the Tata Punch and the Hyundai Exter. However, in this comparison, the owner of the Exter drove the Punch, and the Punch owner drove the Exter. Afterward, both of them gave their honest opinions on both cars.

The video of the Tata Punch owner and Hyundai Exter owner sharing their candid opinions on each other’s cars has been shared on YouTube by Ride with Bhawna on their channel. The video starts with the owners of both vehicles standing in front of each other’s cars. After this, the owner of the Punch explains that in this video, they will indeed be comparing both the micro-SUVs, but the twist is that the owner of the Exter, who has recently bought his car, will be driving the Punch, and she will be driving his new Exter. Both will give their genuine opinions on each car.

Following the introduction of the video and the cars, firstly, the owner of the Exter takes the driving seat in the Tata Punch and starts by saying that the Punch, during the startup procedure and first ignition, is a little louder than the Exter. As he drives the car, the first thing he mentions is that the pickup of the Punch is slightly slower than that of the Exter. But after a few moments, he adds that apart from that, the Punch feels a little more planted than the Exter. He adds that this could be due to the larger tire size.

Tata Punch and Hyundai Exter owner review each others car: Give brutally honest opinions [Video]

After this, the Exter owner then mentions that the next thing he notices is that the noise levels in both cars are very similar, but the Punch is just a little louder than the Exter. Next up, the driver mentions that the clutch on the Punch is very light. He states that he cannot compare the clutches of both cars, as his Exter is an automatic variant. The driver then adds that the steering feel of the Punch is a little on the heavier side, while the Exter, on the other hand, has a much lighter steering. He adds that people who intend to use these cars in the city will likely prefer the steering of the Hyundai Exter more.

Then the Exter owner mentions that the Punch also feels like it sticks to the road better and has a better seating position and visibility due to its increased height. He then adds that the only problem is that the A-pillar is a little thicker than the Exter. After this, he adds to the negatives of the Punch by mentioning that the braking of the Punch is very poor.

Next up, the Tata Punch owner and the presenter of the video take their seats in the new Hyundai Exter. The presenter first mentions that the seating position in the Exter is much lower than that of the Punch. She adds that when sitting in the Punch, it feels like the road view is much better, whereas in the Exter, it seems like the person is sitting in a hatchback.

The Punch owner then highlights the same point as the Hyundai Exter owner, that the Punch has a much heavier steering, and although it feels planted on the highways, it might be uncomfortable in city driving conditions. She then adds that the Exter’s steering feels much lighter, and this works well for the Exter, making it more maneuverable in the city. However, on the flip side, it makes highway driving a lot less confidence-inspiring.

Moving on, the Punch owner then mentions that the Exter comes equipped with a four-cylinder engine, while the Punch, on the other hand, features a three-cylinder engine. This difference in engines causes the Exter to offer a much quieter cabin than the Punch. She adds that the refinement level on the Exter is also better. Lastly, the presenter compares the interiors of the cars and mentions that the Exter beats the Punch in terms of a much nicer dashboard layout, along with the addition of the sunroof, which the Punch lacks.

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