Flying Tata Punch Crashes Into Parked Honda WR-V [Video]

tata punch vs honda wr-v crash

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and most of the time they happen because of someone’s carelessness. Another one of the most common reasons behind accidents is overspeeding. Recently, a video demonstrating exactly how overspeeding causes terrible things has been shared online. In this particular incident, a Tata Punch was seen flying over a sidewalk and hitting a Honda WR-V crossover.

This video of the Tata Punch involved in a high-speed incident comes courtesy of Nikhil Rana from YouTube. It starts off with a seemingly normal road in a city where there is normal traffic. We can also note that there was a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga on the left side of the lane.

Additionally, there was a yellow tempo parked in front of a building in the parking area. Furthermore, there was a white Honda WR-V crossover parked at the extreme right side of the same parking lot. According to the video, the incident took place in Kattappana, Kerala.

What happened next?

Flying Tata Punch Crashes Into Parked Honda WR-V [Video]

Suddenly, a white-colored Tata Punch was seen flying over the parking lot. It came from the wrong side of the road and somehow managed to avoid hitting both the tempo and the Ertiga.

We can note that it had a very slim margin, and it still managed to not come in contact with vehicles. However, as the speed of this Tata Punch was way too much, it could not avoid hitting the white Honda WR-V parked ahead.

From the video, we can clearly see that the impact was so hard that the WR-V turned by 90 degrees. The Punch made its impact on the rear right door of the WRV. Despite going through an impactful collision, the Punch was still speeding, and it continued on the road.

Viewers can also observe that the SUV, after hitting the WR-V, managed to avoid contact with a parked Toyota Innova Crysta. Additionally, after this, the Punch didn’t stop.

It also managed to avoid a parked Mahindra Bolero pickup truck. Whether this was done by the skill of the driver or purely by chance is unknown. However, the accident was most definitely caused by not being able to control high speed.

Accidents due to overspeeding

Flying Tata Punch Crashes Into Parked Honda WR-V [Video]

Overspeeding is a traffic violation that significantly increases the risk of accidents. There are multiple reasons behind it being a main reason for accidents. Firstly, it reduces the driver’s reaction time.

This makes it harder to respond to unexpected situations such as sudden stops or obstacles on the road. Secondly, it lengthens the braking distance. This means that the vehicle requires more time and distance to come to a complete stop.

This, in turn, increases the likelihood of rear-end collisions or failing to stop in time at intersections. Additionally, overspeeding multiplies the force of impact in the event of a collision, leading to more severe injuries or fatalities.

Avoid overspeeding

Flying Tata Punch Crashes Into Parked Honda WR-V [Video]

Drivers should always drive within the speed limits set by the authorities. They should also adjust their speed according to road and weather conditions. Modern car owners can also use cruise control when appropriate. This can help them resist the temptation to exceed the speed limit even when running late or in a rush. Lastly, drivers should regularly check and maintain the vehicle’s brakes, tires, and other essential components, as this also contributes to safer driving by vehicle owners.