Tata Punch Petrol vs Maruti Brezza Diesel in a tug of war

Tata launched their all-new micro SUV Punch in the market. Punch is positioned below Tata Nexon which is a sub-4 meter compact SUV. Price for Tata Punch start at Rs 5.49 lakh, ex-showroom and go up to Rs 9.09 lakh, ex-showroom. Tata Punch is based on HBX concept that was showcased at Auto Expo last year. It has already started arriving at the dealerships and our detailed review about the new Tata Punch is live on our website and YouTube channel. Several videos of Tata Punch are now available online and here we have a video where Tata Punch and a Maruti Brezza diesel SUV are seen in a tug of war.

The video has been uploaded by Anubhav Chauhan on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger and his friends with Tata Punch and Brezza diesel on a mud road stretch. He mentions that Tata Punch does not have provision to fix a tow hook at the rear and that is why, they will be tying the rope to the front and pulling the car in reverse. Both vehicles line up and they bring out a proper thick metal towing rope with shackles. The rope is tied and both SUVs line up.

As the cars were moving in reverse, the cars stalled several times. The drivers tried pulling both the SUV but, due to loose soil, Brezza was loosing traction. Tata Punch was not moving as it had comparatively new tyres and was also parked at a plane surface. Both SUVs tried pulling each other several times but, the efforts were in vain.

Vlogger then takes the SUV to an empty parking lot where it had proper roads. Both SUVs were tied using the metal rope and the driver’s start pulling each other. Just like at the mud road, the car were stalling as the drivers are not used to it. After several trials, they finally get a hang of it and then both SUVs start pulling each other.

Tata Punch Petrol vs Maruti Brezza Diesel in a tug of war

In tarmac, Maruti Brezza had the advantage and it smoothly pulled Tata Punch without any issue. The reason why Tata Punch did not win this challenge is very simple. Tata Punch is a micro SUV with a 1.2 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine. The engine generates 86 Ps and 113 Nm of peak torque. The Brezza diesel on the other hand uses a 1.3 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 90 Ps and 200 Nm of peak torque. Brezza generates more torque than Tata Punch and this torque available from a very low RPM that is what helped Brezza clear the challenge without breaking a sweat.

Maruti Brezza and Tata Punch belong to a two different categories and currently the Tata Punch directly competes with cars like Maruti Ignis, Mahindra KUV100 NXT in the micro SUV segment. Maruti does not offer a diesel engine with Brezza anymore. It is now available with a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine only. The diesel version was available with manual and AMT gearbox options. Tata Punch is also available with a 5-speed manual and an AMT gearbox.

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