Tata Punch Micro SUV & Nissan Magnite Turbo in a classic drag race

Tata launched their all-new micro SUV Punch in the market recently. The micro SUV competes with the likes of Maruti Ignis, Mahindra KUV100 in the segment. Tata Punch gained popularity among buyers in a short span of time and the car is now already being spotted on the roads. Nissan launched Magnite in the market in 2020 and it actually became a product that became a game changer for Nissan in India. The car is available with a turbo and non-turbo petrol engine options. Here we have a video where the Tata Punch is competing against Nissan Magnite turbo in a drag race.

The video has been uploaded by Aayush ssm on their YouTube channel. Nissan Magnite is a sub-4 meter SUV while Tata Punch is placed a segment below it. The vloggers choose a closed road for the drag race. Vlogger was driving the Nissan Magnite turbo while his friend was in the Tata Punch. Both SUVs used here in the race are manual versions.

Both the SUVs are lined up for the race. Both SUVs move off the line at almost the same time. There is decent amount of wheel spin from both the SUVs. Within seconds after the race had started, Nissan Magnite had become the clear winner. Tata Punch was also trying its hard to overtake the SUV but, it was falling short on power.

The vlogger take the car till 100 kmph and then start braking. Nissan Magnite hit the 100 kmph mark first and Tata Punch was right behind it. Both the SUVs were then driven back to the start point and then they exchanged the vehicles. Vlogger was now sitting in Tata Punch while his friend was in the Magnite. The race starts and both Tata Punch and Nissan Magnite were right next to each other for the first few seconds.

Tata Punch Micro SUV & Nissan Magnite Turbo in a classic drag race

Nissan Magnite then started pulling away and won the race. It was pretty clear that Nissan Magnite was going to be the winner of this race. The main reason why Tata Punch did not win the race was because of lack of power. In comparison to Nissan Magnite, Tata Punch has a bigger engine but, it generates less power.

The 1.2 litre, 3 cylinder petrol engine in Punch is a naturally aspirated unit that generates 86 Ps and 113 Nm of peak torque. Nissan Magnite on the other hand is available with two petrol engine options. There is a naturally aspirated petrol and a turbocharged petrol engine. Both are 1.0 litre, three cylinder units. The one seen in the video is the turbo variant. The turbo variant generates 100 Ps and 160 Nm of peak torque. Nissan Magnite is available with both manual and a CVT gearbox option in this variant.

It was only because of the lack of power that Punch could not win the race. This does not mean Tata Punch is a bad car by any means. Both cars have there own pros and cons. Tata Punch had scored 5 star rating in Global NCAP crash test and is currently rated as the safest car in the country.