How Tata Punch performs off the road [Video]

Tata launched their micro SUV Punch in the market last year and like many other Tata products, Punch also became popular among buyers in a short span of time. It is currently the entry level SUV from manufacturer and it competes with cars like Maruti Ignis, Mahindra KUV100 NXT in the segment. Like other Tata SUVs, it gets a rugged looking design which gives it an SUV like look. It is still a front wheel drive SUV and is not recommended for off-roading. However, it has enough ground clearance to be used for mild off-roading. Here we have on such video where a Tata Punch owner tests the off-road capabilities of the micro SUV.

The video has been uploaded by KumarAtuL on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of this Tata Punch actually drives the SUV on a open field. He tests the ground clearance and approach and departure angle of the micro SUV. Video starts with vlogger driving the Tata Punch on narrow road and after reaching a point, he finds an exit to a low lying open ground on side of the road. There is a steep slope to enter the ground. Vlogger asks his friend to get down and start recording the video to see how the SUV performs. He takes the turn to enter the ground and without any problem, Tata Punch smoothly rolled down the slope.

Vlogger stopped the vehicle in the middle to show how extra ground clearance is helping the Tata Punch. He then drives the SUV down and the slope and enters the ground. He then drove the SUV on the ground for some time and then turned around for the main road. He chose a different exit as he was planning to go to another field nearby. Just like how he entered the ground, there was a slope to join the main road. He drove the SUV smoothly through the slope and joined the main road. The underbody of the Tata Punch did not come in contact with the ground at any point.

How Tata Punch performs off the road [Video]

He then drove to another field where he planned to drive through a hurdle. Once he reached the spot, he changed his mind because it looked too risky for Tata Punch. If he had gone ahead and driven through the hurdle, chances of it getting stuck were pretty high. Instead he took another path which had a slope on one end. Two of the wheels were on the slope while the vlogger drove straight through it. After that he came across another steep slope which was an entrance to a field. It was steeper than the slopes that he had came across so far.

While climbing up, one of the front wheels even lost traction at one point but, it came up without any problem. It performed well in the mild off-road conditions and the vlogger was very happy with its performance. Punch can handle these types of hurdles but it is highly unlike to clear extreme off-road terrain as this is a front wheel drive SUV.

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