Tata Punch with all-White Paint job wants to look premium [Video]

Tata launched their all-new micro SUV Punch in the market last year. We drove the SUV before launch and a detailed review about the Tata Punch is available on out website and YouTube channel. Just like any other car, there are several aftermarket accessories available for Tata Punch in the market. We have featured many of them on our website as well. Here we have a short video that show how owner of a Tata Punch has customised this micro SUV to give it a premium look.

The video has been uploaded by BroVinti Vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this short video, vlogger shows how a Tata Punch has been customised by its owner. The video shows a higher variant Tata Punch. What makes this Punch different from the others is the colour. The owner has opted for the Orcus White shade for Punch and no matter which colour you choose, the lower part of the car gets black cladding.

The owner of this SUV was not happy with it and wanted to give the SUV a premium look. In order to achieve the premium look, he matched the colour of the cladding with that of the body. It is not known whether the owner got the cladding, bumper and rest of lower part painted or wrapped. The car now looks all white. This is a dual tone version so the roof was blacked out from the factory. The bumper, body and rest of the parts on the Tata Punch were all blacked out. This is a type of modification that some may like and some may not. The thick black cladding on the Tata Punch gives it the rugged or SUV like look. When you paint it with a colour matching to that of the body, that affects the overall look. It might look premium to some but, it definitely loses the SUV appeal.

Tata Punch with all-White Paint job wants to look premium [Video]

The other modification that the owner has made to his Tata Punch is that he installed an aftermarket CNG kit in it. With rising fuel prices, this has now become a common practice among car buyers. There are many manufacturers who offer company fitted CNG but, Tata Punch is not one of those vehicles. Installing an aftermarket CNG kit can be risky. It is always recommended to get a kit installed from a government approved installer due to safety reasons. Vlogger mentions in the video that he could not spend much time with the vehicle and that is why he did not make a detailed video.

Coming back to Tata Punch, the micro SUV competes with cars like Maruti Ignis, Mahindra KUV100 NXT in the segment. Higher variants of Tata Punch come with features like touchscreen infotainment system, multi-function steering wheel, automatic climate control and so on. It gets an SUV like styling which is seen on other Tata SUVs lately. It is powered by a 1.2 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that generates 8 Ps and 113 Nm of peak torque. It is offered with both manual and an AMT gearbox option.