Tata Q501 5-seater compact SUV: This is what it could look like

Tata Motors that will launch the Nexon soon is currently working on two more SUVs. Code-named as Q501 and Q502, Tata is developing both the new vehicles on the Land Rover platform. These will be the first two models that are being developed with the help from JLR. We have the render of the smaller SUV – Q501 and here is everything that you need to know about it.

What is the new SUV?

Tata Q501 5-seater compact SUV: This is what it could look like


The Q501 will be the new flagship SUV of Tata that will be placed above the Tata Hexa in the market. The Q501 will share structural components with the Discovery Sport, and the vehicle has been caught testing under the Discovery shell too. But the vehicle will look very different from the Discovery Sport in its production form. Predicting the looks of the SUV, we have made a render for the same.

The Q501 will share the LR550 platform and the suspension components with the Discovery Sport, which is Land Rover’s most affordable offering. The front of the car will have a similar “smiling” grille that is now common in the Tata cars and inspired by the ‘Impact Design’ philosophy. To bolster the premium looks of the vehicle, Tata may give a dual-tone shade to the vehicle with a blacked out roof.

Tata recently signed a contract for the supply of 2.0-litre Multijet turbocharged diesel engine with Fiat. The same engine could power the upcoming Q501. Fiat uses the same engine in the Jeep Compass, and it produces a maximum power of 170 Bhp and peak torque of 350 Nm. Tata may change the tuning for its car and may also offer an automatic transmission.

Tata Q501 5-seater compact SUV: This is what it could look like

The Q501 will enable Tata to take on cars like Jeep Compass and Hyundai Creta in the market. It will be the first time Tata will venture into that segment. We expect the SUV to be showcased during the 2018 Auto Expo and launch in late 2018.

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