India’s first modified new Tata Safari with 20 inch wheels is here

Tata launched the all-new Safari in the Indian market earlier this year. The popular nameplate coming back to the market made it a much-awaited vehicle and there are many who have already received the delivery of the all-new Safari. Well, there are many who have also started customising their vehicles. Here is the first Tata Safari with larger 20-inch wheels and it sure looks quite interesting.

The job was done by Velocity Tyres. The Safari used here seems to be a brand-new vehicle with the ribbons intact and there is no registration number on the vehicle too. There are many who get the alloy wheels as soon as they get the delivery of a new car and the owner of the Safari here seems to be a follower of the same. Nonetheless, the multispoke wheels on this Safari do look very interesting. The chrome and black look of the wheels match the overall look of the vehicle.

Details like the price of the wheels and tyres remain unknown but you can contact them directly to know more. Officially, Tata Safari offers 18-inch wheels with thick-walled tyres that provide maximum comfort on the bad roads. In fact, when we test drove the Safari, we found it to be one of the most comfortable vehicles in the segment. However, with upsized tyres and new wheels, that experience will change for the customer.

Tyre upsize

Tata offers 18-inch alloys with higher-end variants of the Safari. Upsizing the same to 20-inch seems like a safe bet. However, upsizing by a few inches puts a negative impact on the suspension of the car. Also, it reduces the comfort level inside the vehicle. Since the low profile tyres do not have thick sidewalls, they cannot flex much and absorb the bumps on the roads. Also, the suspension is not designed to accommodate such large wheels and they do not function to their full potential. This is why the ride quality degrades drastically with the wheels that are much larger than the stock size.

Upsizing the tyres also affects the speedometer reading since that is calibrated to the size of the wheels. Also, braking, acceleration, turning radius and biggest of all – fuel efficiency gets affected by larger alloy wheels. Most dealerships do not void the warranty of the suspension for installing larger wheels but you should definitely check with your service centre if the car is covered under the official warranty.

Next time, you want to upsize the tyres, always be careful and be assured that increasing the tyre size and reducing the sidewall size of the tyres will translate into an uncomfortable ride. It also puts negative pressure on the brakes, suspension and many other parts of the vehicle.