Rear wheel-drive Tata Safari vs Jeep Compass 4X4: The result will surprise you [Video]

Jeep Compass, which was launched in the Indian market sometime back has remained one of the most popular vehicles in the segment. It is the most popular Jeep and is made in India. Jeep offers a long list of variants and options in the market and many of the Compass variants are equipped with 4X4 system too. Well, here is a video that shows how a Jeep Compass 4X4 struggles to climb a slippery incline while the Tata Safari 4X2 climbs the same incline quite easily. What’s happening here?

The video uploaded on YouTube shows a Jeep Compass diesel 4X4 trying to climb a slippery incline. It starts by trying to reverse into the climb and getting out but it gets stuck. The driver then turns around the vehicle and tries climbing it again the right way. However, the Compass again gets stuck. The Compass then makes a third attempt and finally reaches the top of the road. Meanwhile, the Safari driver aborts the first attempt midway and tries it again the second time. In just the second attempt, the Safari 4X2 clears the obstacle and reaches the top.

Even though the Jeep Compass has all the four wheels powered, it struggled a lot and there can be a few reasons for it. First of all, off-roading depends a lot on the driver of the vehicle and how he handles the situation. You can clearly see in the video that the Jeep Compass started way ahead and could not gather much of momentum when it reached the incline. In the same time, the Tata Safari driver reversed till he could and used the flat surface to create as much speed and momentum as possible. Since it is a slippery surface, the tyres struggle for grip and it is difficult to produce speed.

Rear wheel-drive Tata Safari vs Jeep Compass 4X4: The result will surprise you [Video]

The Compass driver also seems to be driving at high gear and lower rpm. Which means that the tyres do not have enough power to push the vehicle forward in the sticky surface. The Tata Safari driver kept the accelerator pushed until the very end to clear the obstacle.

Other than that, various other conditions like the condition of the tyres, steering input and other things affect the capabilities of a vehicle. So a vehicle can be much more capable on paper but it is the driver of the vehicle who controls the vehicle and everything depends on his skills. The Jeep Compass and Tata Safari are really capable vehicles in their own segments and both the vehicles have reached few extreme places without much of a struggle.