Tata Safari and Harrier ADAS: Official TVC shows how the safety tech works

Tata Motors has finally launched the much anticipated new Dark Editions of its flagship SUV duo the Harrier and Safari in the country. The biggest highlight of these new SUVs is the addition of Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). And in order to emphasize these features the company has now launched an official TVC. With this new commercial Tata Motors displays how the new safety features will help out the buyers of these two SUVs.

In the new infomercial, the company first showcases the Forward Collision Warning system. In this system, a Safari is shown driving on the road and another vehicle in front is shown as stationary. The Safari is shown cruising at 50 kmph and upon the detection of a stationary vehicle in the front, the video shows that the Safari alerts the driver via an audio alert. The car will in use its front sensor placed on the top of the windshield to detect any stationary car in front to avoid situations of mishap.

Following this, the commercial then shows another collision avoidance system of the Rear Collision Warning. In this system, the car in the video uses the rear sensors to sense a speeding rear vehicle and alerts the driver. The car also gets a hazard lamp alert system. Moving the Safari in the video shows, that the car is also capable of emergency braking to avoid any accident. For this the car will utilize its Autonomous Emergency braking system. In this system the car with its front sensors detect a person in front of the car and will first alert the driver via the audio alert but if there is no response from the driver the car will automatically apply the brakes to avoid the crash.

Tata Safari and Harrier ADAS: Official TVC shows how the safety tech works

Additionally the car will also get blind spot monitoring and in the video it shows that it will alert the driver with a warning if a vehicle comes into the blind spot. It will utilize its rear sensors to spot the vehicles in blind spots. Similarly the utilizing the same rear sensors the car will also detect for incoming vehicles and alert the passengers and drivers via the open door alert warning as well.

The car will also alert the driver in case of rear cross traffic and it will also show the road in the reverse gear via its rear view camera and alert if there is incoming traffic via the rear alert system. Additionally one of the biggest safety features will be the lane departure assist which in case if the driver swerves away from the path it will detect via the front ADAS sensor and alert the driver to bring back the vehicle in their lane. The car will alert the driver with the change assist system if there is a vehicle behind during the lane change. Lastly the car will come equipped with traffic sign recgnisation which will alert the driver of the speed limits on the road. It is to be noted that the cars in commercials are only Safaris but in reality all of these systems will become available with the top-spec Dark Edition Harrier as well.

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