New Tata Safari crashes into truck loaded with heavy equipment: Passengers safe [Video]

Tata currently offers the largest number of cars with five-star and four-star Global N-CAP  safety ratings. While many of the Tata cars have already received the crash test rating. Two important cars from the brand – the Tata Harrier and the Tata Safari are yet to get any safety ratings. But numerous accidents of the car on the roads show how strong the build quality of the vehicle is.

This latest accident is from Gujarat and is reported by the Prateek Singh YouTube channel. The video show multiple pictures of a gruesome accident between a Tata Safari and a truck loaded with industrial equipment.

While the details are of the accidents are not out, the pictures paint a pretty clear picture of what happened. The Tata Safari seems to be travelling at a high speed. It crashed with the long heavy equipment protruding out of the truck’s loading bed.

It is possible that the Safari driver did not see the long protruding equipment and crashed against it at high speed. The roof of the Tata Safari is completely rooted out and a part of the equipment can be spotted resting on the roof of the vehicle.

There is no information on the number of passengers travelling inside the car at the time of the accident. However, details shared in the video claim that there have been no serious injuries reported by anyone involved in this accident.

 Protruding equipment and cargo are unsafe

New Tata Safari crashes into truck loaded with heavy equipment: Passengers safe [Video]

While driving at night, always be on the lookout for such cargo and equipment that are protruding out from the trucks. They are almost invisible during the day and can be difficult to spot at night.

While many such carriers use red flags in the end, they do not work very well. While there are regulations to make sure that transporting heavy items safely, most transporters do not follow these regulations and rules.

Late accidents are common in India

The chances of accidents increase at night for various reasons. According to NHAI, several studies were conducted on the smooth NH2 that passes through West Bengal. The roads between Barakpur and Dakuni are super smooth and is one of the straightest roads in the country.

The study revealed that about 60% of accidents that happen in this stretch are caused by highway hypnosis. The study was done a few years ago and it sure was a wake-up call for the authorities and motorists.

You can be more careful while driving at night by following a few simple steps. Take request breaks. If you’re driving over a long distance, a break every 60-90 minutes is advised to keep your concentration level high on the roads.

The brain cannot concentrate for a long time without a break and it is very important. Driving in the graveyard hours, which is just after midnight to the early morning will make you feel sleepy. The body clock will try to shut your brain and take rest and you can fall asleep on the wheels easily.

Highly caffeinated drinks like espresso and Red Bull will immediately wake you up but in a short time, the effect of caffeine goes away and that’s when you start to feel even more tired than before. Caffeine dehydrates the body. The only way around this is to park the vehicle and take a nap.