Tata Safari crashes into truck at 130 km/h: All 3 passengers alive

Tata Safari is one of the most popular cars in the Indian market. The seven-seater car based on the Tata Safari has been one of the best-selling vehicles in the Indian market for years now. While the all-new Tata Safari is yet to be tested by Global NCAP agencies, there have been several accidents in the past that show the solid build quality of the vehicle. Here is one instance when the Tata Safari crashed into a truck trailer at 130 km/h. The result is horrific in the pictures.

The incident is reported from an unknown location. The Tata Safari, which was travelling at 130 km/h crashed into the rear of a truck trailer. The video recorded by a fellow motorist shows that the Safari crashed at a high speed into the trailer, which caused the rear axle of the trailer to come off the body.

The Tat Safari itself is not in great condition either. We can see that the vehicle’s A-pillar has been severely damaged but the cabin has not been breached. There were three passengers in the car when the incident happened and all three passengers in the vehicle were safe after the incident with minor injuries. While the exact details are not out, the passengers might have been wearing seatbelts, which saved them from the high-speed crash.

Tata Safari crashes into truck at 130 km/h: All 3 passengers alive

The frame of the vehicle was also mangled because of the impact of the crash. At the start of the video, we can see how people were trying to open the door to get the passengers out. In the past, we have seen many accidents with the Tata Safari and the Harrier, which share the same platform. However, the door frames have never been breached like this before.

Tata Safari and Harrier are yet to be tested

While many newer products of Tata Motors are tested by G-NCAP, Tata never sent the Harrier and the Safari to get a safety rating. While Tata has remained tight-lipped about the same. However, according to the experts, a part Multijet engine in the Tata Harrier and the Safari can intrude into the cabin of the RHD cars and injure the driver. That is why Tata is yet to send the cars for a crash safety test. Interestingly, both the vehicles are based on the same Omega-Arc platform and are powered by the same engine options.

However, numerous accidents in the past involving the Tata Harrier show how great the build quality of the SUV is. In most accidents, the occupants walk out of the crash unhurt.

In future, crash safety tests will become mandatory as the government has proposed. All the manufacturers will have to send the new cars for crash tests to get a safety star rating if the proposal becomes law.

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