Tata Safari Dicor modified into a 6×6 SUV is a head turner [Video]

Tata Safari is an iconic name and Tata brought the SUV back to life its new avatar few years ago. The current generation Safari is performing well for Tata but, there is still a large community in India who loves the old-gen Safari. We have seen several modification videos of Tata Safari on the internet however, here we have a video of a Tata Safari Dicor that is like no other Safaris that you have seen so far. It is probably the first and only Tata Safari in the country to be modified into a 6×6 SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Auto Addictionn by prdp on their YouTube channel. The owner of this Safari Dicor always wanted a 6×6 SUV in his garage. He was inspired by the Hummer 6×6 that was available on sale internationally. The owner had a Tata Safari and liked the SUV so much that he decided to modify it into a 6×6 SUV. For this project, the SUV was extended to accommodate the third set of wheels. This was not done using regular metal sheets. He got in touch with several local workshops but none of them agreed to do the job.  He then took the car to a workshop in Punjab where they modified it.

For this project, they bought another SUV and used the rear section of the second Safari to ensure uniformity. From the front, the car looks stock and there are no changes at all. The SUV looks like any other stock Safari Dicor. As we move to the side, you notice that this SUV is longer than usual and it also has an extra set of wheels at the rear. This was modified to look like a 6×6 SUV but, it is actually a 4×6 SUV. The third set of wheels are placed there just for the looks. As they used another Tata Safari to modify this Safari, extending the frame, chassis and body panels were not that big of an issue.

Tata Safari Dicor modified into a 6×6 SUV is a head turner [Video]


The finished product was also looking neat because of the same rear. Even from the rear, the tailgate, spare wheel, and bumper were all the same as a regular Safari Dicor SUV. As this Safari is longer than any other Safari in the country, it also offers more space. The original Safari was a three-row SUV with side-facing bench seats for rear passengers. In this SUV, the newly added extended portion gets a long couch installed. There is so much space in the boot that people can actually sleep in it. The fabrication work done on this SUV looks very neat and it does not look odd as well.

The owner mentions that he does not take the SUV out on the road for obvious reasons. The SUV will definitely attract a lot of attention from general public and police. Vlogger even drives the SUV and mentions that it feels extremely long and one has to be careful while making a turn. The interior of this SUV remains stock otherwise. The owner has spent almost Rs 8-12 lakh for this modification.