New Tata Safari Dismantling Case Resolved: Customer Happy As Dealer Refunds Full Purchase Amount

2 day old tata safari dismantled

Just a few weeks ago, a case of a two-day-old Tata Safari facelift interior getting completely dismantled was shared online. The owner of the car mentioned that his car had suffered electrical short-circuiting, which caused a number of problems in his SUV. He then reported that his entire car’s interior was dismantled at the dealership in Hyderabad. However, recently the owner has come forward and revealed that the dealership has fixed their mistake by providing him a full refund for the entire amount of his car. He stated that he is extremely happy with the decision taken by the CEO of Select Select Cars, Chandanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana.

New Tata Safari Dismantling Case Resolved: Customer Happy As Dealer Refunds Full Purchase Amount

Tata Safari owner receives a full refund

The owner of the Tata Safari Accomplished+ Dark stated, “After meeting with Mr. Vijay Bhasker Raju, the CEO of Select Cars, as a rare case they have agreed to refund the full amount of the car. I am grateful that he understood our plight and agreed to help our cause.

Despite being busy, he gave a considerable amount of time to address our concern. He explained to me in detail the refund process and assured me that he will make the process smooth and resolve everything related to this.”

He added that Mr. Saravana, Sr. General Manager – Service Operations also helped during the entire situation, which was extremely stressful for him. He stated that he was in distress and was not easy to handle at times.

Mr. Saravana displayed his patience and helped him, stated the owner. The owner of the Safari also added that he almost gave up at the situation, however, he got lucky and found the best solution owing to the dealership management.

What happened?

For those who may not be aware, it was reported that the customer named Laxminarayana Sabbani bought a brand-new Tata Safari facelift Accomplished+ Dark Edition. He stated that he bought this SUV from Select Cars, Chandanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana on January 31st.

Following this, he added that on February 2nd his car was standing at the dealership service bay because he encountered a lot of problems. The owner revealed that the first problem he encountered was an audio glitch where none of the speakers were working. He stated that he tried starting and shutting off the car multiple times but it did not work. He then tried after a few hours and it then started working.

New Tata Safari Dismantling Case Resolved: Customer Happy As Dealer Refunds Full Purchase Amount

Next up, the owner reported that the ambient or mood lights were also malfunctioning. He then revealed that despite the dealership employees trying various solutions such as resetting the software and other things, his car was still not working properly.

He added that on the third day when he visited the dealership all of the lights including ambient lighting, brake lights, and DRLs all were rendered inoperable. The owner also complained that due to an electrical short-circuiting there was smoke which was coming from the roof as well. He then shared multiple pictures where his entire car was dismantled from the inside.