Tata Safari Gold Edition vs Mahindra Scorpio-N – Drag race [Video]

The rivalry between Tata Motors’ flagship SUV Safari and Mahindra’s Scorpio has existed for decades now and both of these SUVs have always remained neck and neck with each other. So in an attempt to find out which of these mighty SUVs is the better one of the two in 2023, both of the behemoths were lined up against each other for a drag race. Spoiler alert – The Safari won almost every race.

The video of the drag race between the two SUVs was uploaded by It’s Mehlawat on YouTube. At the beginning of the video, the vlogger introduces competing SUVs. He informs that the Safari in the video is the Gold Edition model finished in a black color which comes powered by a 2.0l four-cylinder engine that generates a maximum of 170 bhp of power and 350 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the Scorpio-N in the video is also finished in black and is powered by the Mahindra’s famed mHawk 2.2l diesel engine that produces a maximum of 175 bhp and 400 Nm of torque.

The vlogger then adds that both of the SUVs in the race were equipped with torque convertor automatic transmissions. Following this the presenter introduces the owner of the Safari and tells that he also owns a Black Edition Harrier and a Jet Edition Nexon as well. After the introductions the SUVs get lined up on the starting grid and then the people in both SUVs tell the modes that they are in. The Safari was kept in sports mode meanwhile the Scorpio-N was kept in Zoom mode. They tell that the traction of the Safari will remain on because Tata’s sports mode keeps the traction control system on.

Tata Safari Gold Edition vs Mahindra Scorpio-N – Drag race [Video]

Following this they show that there are three passengers in both SUVs and they then start the race. In the first race, the Mahindra Scorpio-N gets a good launch and takes a jump on the Tata Safari and it looks like the Safari is going to loose, however, the Safari then unexpectedly makes a comeback after reaching 120 kmph. After this they start they second race with same settings this time around the driver of the Safari because of having the phone gets a bad launch and thus gets dusted.

For the third race they change the drivers and this time around both SUVs get a good launch the Scorpio-N gets a slightly better launch moves ahead. Although like the first race the Safari once again comes close to the Scorpio and even leaves it behind after reaching 120 kmph. The occupants of the Scorpio-N discuss that Safari is winning the races because its performance in the mid range is better and it also has lesser weight.

After this in the fourth race as well the same thing occurs and Scorpio-N looses despite getting better off the line. Then for the fifth race the SUVs get driven with only the drivers without any passengers and once again the same result happens. And finally for the last race the drivers perform a rolling drag race from 20 kmph in which the Scorpio-N fair and square.