Tata Safari owner survives massive crash with truck loaded with bricks [Video]

Tata Safari is currently the flagship SUV from  Tata Motors and the SUV has been in the market for couple of years now. The build quality of Tata vehicles has been proven in the past and there are several accident videos available online where occupants have walked away without any serious injuries. Tata Safari and Harrier has not undergone Global NCAP crash test yet however, they have showcased their build quality in many of the accidents in the past. Here we have one such video where a Tata Safari owner survived a massive crash with a brick-loaded truck.

The video has been uploaded by Journey with car on their YouTube channel. This video was uploaded a month ago. As per the video, the car hit by a truck loaded with bricks. It looks like the accident happened on a highway. The video does not share the location where the accident happened. As per the video, the occupants in the car were safe. The rear portion of the car is completely damaged and the boot and the third row of the car is badly damaged. The SUV is almost unrecognizable from the rear. The person recording the video can be heard asking about the occupants to which a local responds by saying that they are all safe.

It is not clear whether the truck had lost control and crashed into the Safari or was the Safari driver driving rashly which caused the accident. It looks like there was some luggage in the boot and the impact of the accident was completely absorbed by the rear of the SUV. The front-end of the SUV does not have any damages and along with the boot, the rear door and pillars have also been damaged. The occupants inside the car are shifted to an Ambulance which is parked on the shoulder of the road and a tow truck is trying to move the SUV away from the road so that it does not affect oncoming traffic or create another accident.

Tata Safari owner survives massive crash with truck loaded with bricks [Video]

The truck that caused the accident is nowhere to be seen in this video. It is not clear whether the truck fled the spot without stopping or was it not simply shown in the video. Recently we had also featured another video on our website where a Tata Safari crashed into a truck on the road at 130 kmph and the occupants managed to escape from the accident with injuries.

Tata has sent almost all their vehicle to Global NCAP crash test except Harrier and Safari. There are reports that suggest that the Fiat-sourced engine used in both the SUVs have some parts that might intrude into the cabin of the SUVs especially on the driver side. This would bring down the rating of these SUVs. Tata has not said anything about this yet. Aprt from this, we still feel that the overall build quality of both Safari and Harrier are brilliant and the same has been proven several times in the past with these real-life examples.