Cops in Tata Safari Storme drive without seatbelts: ANGRY citizens block SUV & protest [Video]

The new updated Motor Vehicle Acts came into effect from the 1st of September and have been in news since then. Ever since the implementation of the MV Act, traffic cops across the country have been nabbing and issuing challans to anyone who is found disobeying/breaking a traffic rule. However, the fines are now up 10 times more than what they used to be and hence we have been seeing various cases where people have been fined for more than their vehicle’s cost. While the new MV Act is something that would help curb the traffic indiscipline in the country, one of the most important aspects of its success is how well the cops will follow the traffic rules.

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As seen in the video, the people seem to be over-enthusiastic as well as angry over the issue of cops not wearing seatbelts. They are seen constantly questioning the cops over why they were not wearing seatbelts when they are responsible for the enforcement of the law. Seeing the protests grow, the cops hastily fasten the seatbelts but several people in the crowd have already made videos of the cops driving around in the Tata Safari Storme without wearing seatbelts.

They then demand the traffic police to come and challan the cops in the Tata Safari Storme for their offence. To let you know, under the new Motor Vehicle Act, the fine for not wearing seatbelts in a car while driving is Rs. 1,000. the crowd then proceeds to make way for the vehicle so that it could be moved to one side of the road so that a traffic cop would come and challan the cops in the Tata Safari Storme. While it is not known if these cops were given a challan or not, this instance shows how the law is equal for everyone and people are ready to follow the rules if they are applied universally.

Cops in Tata Safari Storme drive without seatbelts: ANGRY citizens block SUV & protest [Video]

Earlier, the offence of not wearing seatbelts when driving attracted a fine of just Rs. 100. The new fine of Rs. 1,000 is 10 times more than the previous fine and is definitely a substantial amount to part with, which will help curb the practice of not wearing seatbelts. The cops here, however, will have to pay double the regular amount of the fine since the new MV Act has provisions to fine double the amount when a cop is found breaking the law. Talking about the new MV Act, some of the major offences and their fines include Rs. 10,000 fine for driving despite disqualification, Rs.10,000 for not giving way to emergency vehicles, Rs.1,000-Rs.2,000 for over-speeding and Rs. 2,000 fine for driving without insurance.

Apart from this, one will get a challan of Rs.1,000 for riding without a helmet and 3 months suspension of license. In the case of juveniles caught riding, the guardian or owner of the vehicle will be held accountable with vehicle registration being cancelled along with a fine of Rs. 25,000. The drunk driving penalty has been increased to Rs. 10,000 while driving dangerously will result in a fine of Rs. 1,000 to Rs.5,000. Recently, a few states including West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh have said that they’ll not be implementing the Motor Vehicle Act in with the high fines. While a state can stop a concurrent list Act to be implemented, what remains to be seen is that if these states modify the fines.