Old gen Tata Safari 4×2 gets stuck while off-roading: Mahindra Thar rescues

Although SUVs are quite popular in India, only a small portion of the so called SUV come with 4×4, 4WD or AWD options. The number of buyers who actually opt for a 4×4 SUV is also quite less and that is one of the reason why many SUVs are offered with 2WD only. Not every buyer who opts for a 4×4 SUV takes the car off-road but now, there are many SUV and 4×4 owners group across country who are offering SUV owners off-road experience so that they can explore the the capabilities of their SUV. Here’s a video showing an old generation Tata Safari getting stuck while off-roading, and being rescued by a 2020 Mahindra Thar.

The video has been uploaded by Sanjeet Jaat on his YouTube channel. The vlogger starts by explaining what he plans to do in the video. He has a Tata Safari 4×2 SUV which belongs to an older generation and his friend has the current gen Mahindra Thar. They are in an open field with lot of slush in it. The challenge is to find out whether these SUVs can actually drive in the mud or slush in 2WD.

Vlogger asks his friend in Mahindra Thar to go first. His friend drives the SUV in 2H and enters a low lying ground which is filled with water. The SUV crossed the field without any problem and even came back the same. He engaged 4×4 only when he had to climb a slippery section. Mahindra Thar driver then drives the SUV into the slush after disengaging 4×4.

Old gen Tata Safari 4×2 gets stuck while off-roading: Mahindra Thar rescues

As seen in the video, the SUV was actually drives quite smoothly on the slushy surface but, after a point the slush got so thick that the Thar actually got stuck. The driver then had to engage 4×4 to get it out. After that, Mahindra Thar completed a round and came back where the SUVs were parked initially.

The vlogger who is driving the Tata Safari knew that Safari might get stuck and he had a backup vehicle waiting with tow rope. Surprisingly, Tata Safari cleared the first round without getting stuck even once. The SUV had enough momentum that, even though the rear wheels were losing grip at places, it was moving ahead.

After the first round both SUVs go out to section where the slush was much more deeper and here both SUVs got stuck in the 4×2 mode. Both Mahindra Thar and Tata Safari was stuck in the same hole but, Thar recovered itself from the pit after engaging 4×4. Tata Safari was stuck badly as the rear wheels had no traction at all.

The vlogger then gets out and asks his friend to bring tow rope. The rope was then tied and the Mahindra Thar starts to pull Safari out. No one was inside the Safari initially which meant, no effort or power was being put form Safari initially. Thar pulled it out to some extend but, that Safari was still stuck. One of them from the group then steps inside the Safari and combined efforts from both the SUVs help recover Safari.

Tata Safari got stuck because it was a 2WD SUV. If it had 4×4, then it would have easily come out just like the Mahindra Thar. off-roading should never be done in such 2WD SUVs and always do such activities in group like what vlogger did. He had a backup vehicle if things go south.