Tata Safari owner complains about rusting in four month-old SUV: Dealership calls the police

While Tata Motors has been on a spree of launching world-class quality products with best-in-class safety, the horror stories coming from its after-sales and service experience persist. A new unfortunate incident has been reported from New Delhi, where a customer reported issues of rusting in his newly-purchased Tata Safari SUV. However, instead of solving his issue, the authorized service centre called the Police to avoid any chances of a nuisance.

The said incident is from Tata Motor’s authorized service centre named Autovikas Motors in Moti Nagar, New Delhi. The owner identified as Rocky Vasisth reported issues with his brand-new Tata Safari showing signs of rusting. He questioned the quality of sheet metal and paint used in his Safari, which was causing his vehicle to catch rust at multiple points. He said that such issues should not have popped up in just four months of ownership.

However, instead of helping the customer and solving his problems, the management team of the authorized service centre of Tata Motors called Police. At the same time, a team from a local media channel also arrived at the spot to cover the whole incident and report the statement of the customer. In his statement given to the media channel, the customer pointed out the signs of rusting in his Safari and said that he has not paid Rs 21 lakh for experiencing such issues.

In the video posted by the media channel, we can see signs of rust over the stamping holes along with the chassis number plate and hinges of the boot and door panels. Further signs of rusting can be seen over the engine bay and bonnet.

Customer wants replacement

Tata Safari owner complains about rusting in four month-old SUV: Dealership calls the police

The customer is now demanding a replacement of the defective vehicle with a new one, which has been rejected by Autovikas Tata Motors dealership. According to the authorized service centre, Tata Motors is aware of the whole incident, and it is possible that the signs of rusting are because of Faridabad’s hard water and high TDS levels. While the authorized service centre is ready to repaint the rusted parts, the customer is sticking to his demand for replacement with a new vehicle.

The service centre team of Tata Motors called up the Police to avoid any possibility of a brawl between the customer and the service centre employees. However, despite the arrival of the teams of police and media channel, the issue has remained unresolved. The customer is now planning to take this issue to the consumer court in a hope of seeking justice.

Can your car rust so easily?

Automobile manufacturers take several measures to keep rust away. There are several coats of paint that are applied on the vehicles to mitigate rust. The vehicles are also dipped in primer to ensure that even if the top layer of paint is chipped off, the metal parts do not get exposed.

However, paint quality differs vastly. Luxury car brands use expensive techniques and paints while mass-car segment car makers use minimal paint to keep profits high. However, no car should rust in only four months regardless of the water quality.

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