Next-generation Tata Safari Storme: What it could look like

Tata Motors is churning out beautiful cars. The new design story from Tata Motors began with the Tiago, progressed to the Nexon, and now we have the Harrier all set to hit Indian roads. Called Impact 2.0, the new design language from Tata Motors seeks to build visually appealing cars that will actually make heads turn.

Next-generation Tata Safari Storme: What it could look like

We got out rendering artist Vipin Vathoopan to put together a speculative render of the next-generation Tata Safari  Storme based on Impact 2.0 design language. Here’s what he came up with.

As the render indicates, the all-new Tata Safari Storme will be an evolutionary design that builds upon the ample  proportions of the current Safari Storme, but with more contemporary cues. Tata Motors’ design team led by Mr. Pratap Bose is likely to take this direction for the all-new Safari in order to ensure that the SUV looks futuristic enough while retaining some of the traditional looks.

Next-generation Tata Safari Storme: What it could look like

LED headlamps up front with a narrow swept back design, a large grille that seems inspired by the current  Safari, large wheels set in equally ample wheel wells, butch body cladding and a long body that can seat seven adults  are the various design cues on the all-new Tata Safari Storme. The SUV will have to meet stricter safety norms under the BNVSAP regime, and allowances for this are expected to be made across the body structure.

The next-generation Tata Safari Storme is expected to retain its body-on-ladder chassis, offering ruggedness for both on and off road use. Considering that the Indian armed forces have placed a large order for the current generation Safari Storme, don’t be surprised if Tata Motors designs the next-generation model keeping army compatibility in mind. What this means is a four wheel drive layout, tough body and hard wearing interiors.

Emission norms are set to get a lot tigher in April 2020, with the onset of the Bharat Stage 6 emission norms. While  the new Safari Storme is expected to arrive well after 2020, a turbocharged diesel engine is expected to be offered  as the main powerplant. Both manual and automatic gearbox options are likely. With the auto industry rapidly moving towards electrification, the new Safari Storme is likely to be designed with an electric future in mind.

SUVs in the Tata Safari range, including the Storme, have always been heavy. While this was acceptable in a more relaxed emission norm regime, the BS6 norms could radically alter how designers approach new SUVs, especially the heavier 7 seat ones. We expect the new Tata Safari Storme to use lighter but stiffer high tensile steel to get weight low.

While Tata owned Land Rover extensively uses aluminium in its SUVs to keep weight low, such an option is unlikely for the new Safari Storme considering the cost targets that it will have to meet. Tata Motors is expected to keep the new Safari Storme relatively affordable, with the SUV likely to continue challenging SUVs in the Mahindra Scorpio segment. With the Scorpio set to get a full model change in 2020, the all-new Tata Safari Storme can’t be far behind.