Tata Safari Storme + Toyota Fortuner vs Tractor in a tug of war: Who wins [Video]

Tata Safari Storme + Toyota Fortuner vs Tractor in a tug of war: Who wins? [Video]

We recently covered a video in which a Toyota Fortuner was in a tug of war with a Mahindra Scorpio. The result was however a draw, contrary to what many had thought. Now, we bring you another similar video which adds an interesting challenger to the group.

In the first part of the video, we see a Toyota Fortuner tied to a New Holland tractor. One thing to note here is that the Fortuner is not using the stock rims, but an aftermarket low-profile set. After a few seconds, both the vehicles start to rev and then release the throttle. The tractor quite easily pulls the Fortuner away. It looks effortless on the tractors’ part.

In the second part, we see a Tata Safari Storme joining forces with the Fortuner. Both the SUVs are tied in a series style. Again, the revving begins and the throttle is released. This time, there’s a short delay before the tractor begins to pull them away. That’s mainly because of the added bulk and power now. But the tractor goes on pulling and dragging the SUVs like a boss and proves who’s the real king of the field.

2 Suvs Vs Tractor Featured

It is still somewhat logical that the tractor won against the Fortuner. But two proper heavy weight SUVs being dragged around like it’s nobody’s business? What just happened? Let us explain what could be the reasons for this result in the tug-of-war contest.

No off-roading tyres on the SUVs

Both the Toyota Fortuner and the Tata Safari Storme were running on road tyres. The Fortuner even had low-profile tyres to further ditch the game. On such loose surfaces, proper tyres can make a huge difference. Engine power is not of much significance here, what matters is the traction. The better grip a vehicle has, the better is the chance that it’ll hold its own in such conditions.

Torque factor

The New Holland tractor used in the video may be low on power, but these beastly machines have mountain loads of torque, low down the rpm band. When compared to both the SUVs combined, it may be 4-5 times power (horsepower) deficient. But those earth-shattering levels of torque, combined with typical tractor tires, made sure that the tractor won. Tractors are engineered so as to produce high levels of torque because they are meant to be used in fields and similar conditions.