18 Day-Old Tata Safari’s Tyre Bursts On Highway: Owner Demands Investigation [Video]

Safari after the crash

Tyre pressure is extremely important in a car, especially during summer. The number of tyre burst cases reported in India is higher during summer due to several reasons. A tyre burst at high speed can lead to a major accident. Here, we have an incident from Karnataka where a brand new Tata Safari, only 18 days old, lost control and rolled over multiple times due to a tyre burst.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The post seen in the video was shared by the owner of the Tata Safari involved in the crash. The owner, Raviteja Devarapalli, was traveling with his family on the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway. There were four adults and three children in the vehicle at the time.

Raviteja mentions that he had bought the top-end dual-tone variant of the Tata Safari only 18 days ago. While traveling on the highway in his new SUV, the front right-side tyre of the SUV suddenly burst. The driver was not expecting this to happen to his brand new SUV and was not prepared for it.

The SUV lost control and flipped at least three times before crashing into the divider on the road. The owner mentions in the post that the speed of the car just before the accident was around 80-90 km/h.

The owner noted that they all narrowly escaped a major crash. The reason for the tyre burst is not known, as most modern cars come with TPMS that warn the driver about low tyre pressure.

In this case, the owner has not mentioned anything about that, and since it was a brand new car, the tyres were also in excellent condition. The owner of the SUV is in shock and wants Tata Motors to look into this matter and investigate it. He is demanding an investigation, including a full inspection of the vehicle. It needs to be inspected whether the tyre offered with the Safari had any defects or did the car simply hit an object at high speed which led to this accident.

He is also demanding Tata replace his vehicle with a new one and compensate him for the damages and distress caused. While he is satisfied with the build quality, there are other things he is not happy about. He mentions that when he bought the SUV, he had opted for RSA; however, the tow truck charged him Rs 7,670 for towing and another Rs 5,900 for a crane to lift the SUV or bring it back on four wheels.

18 Day-Old Tata Safari’s Tyre Bursts On Highway: Owner Demands Investigation [Video]
Safari after the crash

The owner also complains that the RSA towed the car to Key Motors in Bengaluru instead of the original dealership from where he bought the car. If you look at the SUV, the Safari absorbed the impact pretty well. We can see that the A-pillar on the driver’s side, along with the roof, is damaged.

All four doors are damaged along with the bonnet and the bumper. All airbags in the vehicle deployed on time, saving the lives of the occupants. The panoramic sunroof is likely damaged, and similarly, the tailgate of the SUV is also damaged in the crash. The owner and his family were extremely lucky to have escaped this crash without any major injuries.