Truck loaded with bricks hits Tata Safari: Topples over [Video]

Accidents on Indian highways with heavy vehicles are not new. We have seen many such accidents. Some of these can turn gruesome too. This accident from Yamuna Expressway shows an out-of-control truck hitting the rear of the Tata Safari at high-speed. The result was quite interesting.

The accident on the Yamuna Expressway happened in the morning. Four occupants were in the car and a high-speed truck loaded with construction bricks hit the rear of the Tata Safari at a very high speed. The impact caused the truck to topple and fall on its side. However, we are not sure about the exact details of how the accident happened. It is quite possible that the Tata Safari slowed down suddenly and the truck driver could not stop in time.

It is also possible that the truck driver might have lost control and could not apply the brakes in time. The pictures show that the accident happened at a high speed and the rear of the Tata Safari is heavily damaged. The impact on the Safari’s rear also damaged the front end of the truck. The truck fell on its side.

The front passengers in the Safari suffered from some minor injuries and were shifted to a local hospital. Both the passengers were out of danger. The rear passengers of the Tata Safari did not sustain any injuries despite the fact that the accident happened because of a massive impact from the rear.

The airbags did not open

Truck loaded with bricks hits Tata Safari: Topples over [Video]

There can be multiple reasons for the non-deployment of airbags. First of all, to deploy the airbags, the cars need to be at a minimum required speed. If the vehicle is not at a minimum speed set by the manufacturer, the impact will not trigger the airbags to open. Since the airbags are supplemental restraint systems, they are not required in slow-speed accidents.

Also, the pictures of the car show that the impact was at the rear. In many such cases, the airbags are not triggered to ensure that the passengers are not hurt due to the deployment of the airbags. Airbags only open in ideal conditions to save the occupants from injuries. Non-deployment of airbags correctly can also cause injuries.

Tata Harrier and Safari are yet to be tested

While many newer products of Tata Motors are tested by G-NCAP, Tata never sent the Harrier and Safari to get a safety rating. While Tata has remained tight-lipped about the same. However, according to the experts, a part Multijet engine in the Tata Harrier can intrude into the cabin of the RHD cars and injure the driver. That is why Tata is yet to send the car for a crash safety test.

However, numerous accidents in the past involving the Tata Harrier show how great the build quality of the SUV is. In most accidents, the occupants walk out of the crash unhurt.

In future, crash safety tests will become mandatory as the government has proposed. All the manufacturers will have to send the new cars for crash tests to get a safety star rating if the proposal becomes law.