Tata Safari vs Honda Civic in a drag race: Butch SUV vs sporty sedan face-off [Video]

Honda might have launched the new 10th generation Civic in India this month but it is yet to be seen if it attains the cult status of the older 8th generation Civic. The older Civic is one of the most sought after sedans by the enthusiasts in the used car market. Another well-known SUV in India is the Tata Safari, which was the dream SUV of many during its initial years. The Honda Civic and the Tata Safari are poles apart in almost every aspect. One is a proper sporty sedan while the other is a big butch SUV. However, what happens when they are pitted against each other for a drag race. The video below by SKD autocracy shows the same scenario. Let’s check out the video now before discussing about the outcome.

As seen in the video, the Honda Civic beats the Tata Safari by quite a margin in this drag race, something which was expected and has not surprised us a bit. The Safari is quite a powerful SUV and can pull up real fast but it is still no match for the Honda Civic, which is known for its sporty nature. Had the Tata Safari won this race, it would have been something to be astonished at but that’s not the case here. Both the car had a nearly equal start in the video but after a couple of seconds, the Civic pulls away like a ghost and moves much ahead of the Safari.

Tata Safari vs Honda Civic in a drag race: Butch SUV vs sporty sedan face-off [Video]

The Tata Safari seen in this video gets powered by a 2.2-litre VTT DiCOR diesel engine. This engine churns out a good 138 Bhp along with 320 Nm of torque. However, it tips the scales at around 2.2 tonnes, something which had a major role in the outcome of this race. Comparatively, the Honda Civic tips the scales at just 1210 kg, which is quite less than Safari’s weight. Talking about the Civic, the older generation Civic shown here gets a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine which churned out 130 Bhp of maximum power along with 172 Nm of peak torque. The power and torque output of the Civic may be lower than the Safari but its kerb weight is much lower than the SUV, which helps it win this race by a mile.

While Honda has already launched the new Civic in India, the fate of the Tata Safari is not known yet. Tata will launch a new 7 seater SUV in India, called the Cassini (Buzzard), which will be its flagship vehicle in India. The Safari would probably be discontinued or the badge may be brought back to life at a later stage. With the long stint it had in India, most of the people are appealing Tata to not discontinue the Safari badge and bring it back in a newer form later.