All-new Tata Safari takes on the Toyota Fortuner in a classic drag race

Tata recently launched its only seven-seater vehicle in the Indian market – the Safari. Soon after its launch in the Indian market, the waiting period on the Safari has increased to about 2.5 months in a few cities, which tells us about the demand for the all-new car. The Tata Safari is massive in size and it looks almost as big as a Toyota Fortuner on the roads. But can it go as quick as the Fortuner? Well, here is a video that shows Toyota Fortuner diesel automatic racing against the Tata Safari diesel manual. Here are the results.

The video by Arun Pawar shows a 2018 Toyota Fortuner diesel automatic racing against the Tata Safari diesel manual. They do the drag race in four rounds and even change the drivers to get a fair result.

In the first round, the Tata Safari and the Toyota Fortuner start almost head to head but the Safari takes a small lead. The Fortuner starts to creep ahead but then the driver of the Fortuner applies the brakes. It was decided that the Fortuner driver will not use the brakes from the second round.

In the second round, both Tata Safari and the Toyota Fortuner start off at the same time with the Fortuner showing a bit of the wheelspin. The driver of the Safari missed a gear and the Fortuner gained a big lead. The Fortuner came out as a winner in the second round. For the third and fourth rounds, the drivers were swapped. In both these rounds, the Toyota Fortuner gains lead soon after they start off the mark and maintains it throughout. The Fortuner wins the drag races very comfortably.

Toyota Fortuner Vs Tata Safari

The Toyota Fortuner gets powered by a bigger 2.8-litre engine but we do have to take into consideration that the Fortuner is much heavier than the Safari. Being an automatic, it adds to the overall weight. The Fortuner is around 700 kg heavier compared to the Tata Safari and that translates into acceleration and speed. Now coming to the engine powering both the vehicles. The Tata Safari gets a 2.0-litre KRYOTEC diesel engine sourced from Fiat. It generates a maximum power of 170 PS and a peak torque of 350 Nm. It gets a six-speed manual transmission. Tata does not offer a petrol engine with Safari yet.

The Toyota Fortuner diesel is powered by a 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. It generates a massive amount of power. The engine produces a maximum power of 201 PS and peak torque of 420 Nm. It gets a six-speed automatic transmission. During the drag race, the Tata Safari was always in the Sport mode while the Toyota Fortuner was in the power mode. Both the vehicles did well and the Safari was only a second or two behind the massive Fortuner in the last two rounds of the races.