Tata Sells Record Number Of Electric Cars In November 2021

EVs are becoming popular every day, as more and more people are now making the shift to greener and cleaner alternatives. Tata has managed to sell 1751 units of the Nexon and Tigor EVs in the month of November 2021. Currently, Tata has two electric vehicles in its portfolio: The popular Nexon EV and the Tigor EV.

Tata Sells Record Number Of Electric Cars In November 2021

This is the highest number of electric vehicles sold by any automaker in India. The individual numbers for both the models have not been revealed by Tata Motors so far, so we do not know the sales numbers of both the models separately. Sales of these EV siblings are four times higher than the puny 413 units that Tata sold in November 2020, giving a YoY growth of 324 percent.

When compared to the previous month of October 2021, Tata’s electric vehicle sales have gone up by 10 percent, as the total units sold were 1586. The reason for this growth is the affordability of the EVs offered by Tata as well as increased awareness. The newer Tigor EV is priced at upwards of ₹11.99 lakh while Nexon EV starts at ₹13.99 lakh (ex-showroom, before subsidies). Additionally, a reasonable range of 300km and 80 percent full charge in 60 minutes with a fast charger seems to attract a lot of Indian buyers.

The next electric vehicle launch from Tata is expected to be the EV version of Tata Altroz premium hatchback. In October, the company announced plans to invest as much as 2 billion dollars over the next four years to launch 10 new electric vehicles. The Nexon EV is going to get a strong challenger when Mahindra launches its XUV300 EV though. Tata is likely to introduce electric cars with larger battery packs for longer range and more power to counter similarly priced EV launches from other manufacturers.

Tata Sells Record Number Of Electric Cars In November 2021

In addition to the massive success of the EVs, Tata is also faring extremely well in the ICE car sales. The Indian automaker reported a total sales of 28,027 vehicles in November 2021. Which when stacked against 21,228 units in the same month last year gives us a YoY growth of 32 percent.

The Nexon still remains the best-selling model in Tata’s portfolio in India, but the newly launched micro SUV Punch is slowly gaining on its elder sibling. Ever since the launch, Tata Punch has taken the nation by storm. The company reported the debut month October 2021 sales figures at 8,453 units. However, Tata Motors has refrained from revealing the November sales. But we can expect the Punch to top the sales charts in the coming months.