Tata service centre ‘spot welds’ Tiago EV to stop cranking noise: Upset owner wants replacement

tata tiago ev spot weld featured

An owner of  Tata Tiago EV – Chitrabhanu Pathak has shared his experience with the Tata service centre. The owner has complained that a Tata service centre has welded the car’s door frame and other areas to stop a cranking noise. The owner has not explained the kind of noise he was hearing.

The owner says that he spent Rs 12 lakh for the Tiago EV XZ Plus variant. However, he has got a faulty vehicle. The car continues to make the cranking noise even after the spot welding done by the service centre.

According to the owner, there was a noise from the vehicle’s door from the starting. However, the noise increased over time. When the owner left the car at the service centre to fix the issue. The owner says that the service centre did not consult him before doing the spot welding. The welding, however, did not fix the noise though.

Now the owner of the vehicle has asked for a solution but they are yet to get back with a solution. We also do not know how old this Tata Tiago EV is. However, it seems like a new vehicle and still in the warranty.

Tata service centre ‘spot welds’ Tiago EV to stop cranking noise: Upset owner wants replacement

Since there is no official word from Tata service centre about the issue so we cannot comment on the problem or the solution here. Also, we are not sure if this has got the finishing touches without the paint job.

Tata have been increasing its sales in the Indian market for the past few years and is likely to overtake Hyundai as the second biggest manufacturer in the market after Maruti Suzuki. Yet, there are many  who complain about the after-sales service of Tata Motors.

Recently, Tata Motors inaugurated dedicated electric car showroom that will cater to the customers looking to buy electric cars. As Tata Motors is the biggest electric car manufacturer in India, the sales network and number of such showrooms is only likely to increase in the future.

Tata Motors also plan to bring a slew of new vehicles to the Indian market next year. This includes Tata Punch EV and Tata Harrier EV. Tata Motors will launch the new Altroz facelift and the Curvv petrol variant.

No lemon laws in India

As of now, there is no law in India that safeguards customers from substandard products. Though there exist consumer courts where customers can voice their complaints, manufacturers are not bound by law to offer a replacement for a defective product. However, several developed countries have provisions mandating manufacturers to replace faulty products or compensate customers who have been subjected to deficient appliances, cars, trucks, or motorcycles.

In India, numerous customers express dissatisfaction with their purchases. Many products fail to meet the quality standards or exhibit poor performance. Even though some consumer laws in India provide protection, pursuing litigation often proves to be a long-drawn-out affair. The implementation of a user-friendly set of rules or an uncomplicated consumer protection law would lead to increased customer satisfaction, engendering trust between manufacturers and buyers.