Tata Sierra.EV TVC released: To be launched in 2024

The country’s largest electric carmaker Tata Motors has recently released an official TVC of the SUV we have been anticipating for while. The best part about this new SUV will be that it will be an all-electric vehicle, however, it will also receive an ICE sibling as well. Yes, we are talking about the forthcoming Tata Sierra. Recently Tata Motors’ EV subsidiary Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited recently shared the official TVC of the Sierra.EV that shows us the vehicle up close and points out a ton of details that will be offered with the production variant slated to launch next year in 2024.

First things first, let’s talk about the design of the Sierra.EV. From the get-go, we can note that the company has gone with an extremely futuristic exterior design language and this was the theme of all the EVs that were showcased by the carmaker at the 2023 Auto Expo. The overall general shape of the vehicle resembles a more futuristic Land Rover Defender. The SUV boasts a massive presence and a commanding seating position.

At the front, the SUV gets a long LED strip that connects from one end to the other. It also gets a clean front fascia without any huge grilles thanks to its electric powertrain not needing the extra cooling. It gets a sizeable Tata insignia front and center and also features a huge bumper in black along with a large silver skid plate.

Tata Sierra.EV TVC released: To be launched in 2024

From the sides the SUV adopts the original Sierra styling with two front door separated from the rear section. The rear section in the SUV also is heavily inspired by the classic SUV although don’t be fooled because the new Sierra.EV is a five door model instead of a three door model. Tata Motors at the 2020 Auto Expo, showcased a three door concept which since has been ditched for the more conventional and practical model. The all-new Sierra.EV also gets a set of uniquely designed alloy wheels. It also gets the original model’s huge glasshouse and blacked-out C and D pillars. It also gets a chunky black cladding on the sides.

At the rear SUV gets a strong upright stance and boasts an all LED strip like the front. This rear brake light strip also spans from one end till the other. The black cladding from the sides also extends to the simple rear bumper. It also gets a sizeable silver skid plate in the rear as well signifying that it could be a capable off-roader.

Tata Sierra.EV TVC released: To be launched in 2024

On the inside the current concept model comes equipped with a futuristic looking interior layout with a massive screen in the middle. The air conditioning controls are at the standard position. It gets a retro styled steering wheel with controls mounted on both sides along with a huge instrument cluster screen in front of the driver.

In terms of the drivetrain, it is confirmed that the Sierra will first get an all-electric model hence the name Sierra.EV. However it has also been reported that the company will be launching an internal combustion engine model of this iconic SUV as well.

Tata Sierra.EV TVC released: To be launched in 2024

As of yet the company has refrained from sharing any substantial information regarding the drivetrain options that will be offered with this forthcoming SUV however it is anticipated that electric version of the SUV will also offer AWD set-up dual motors. There will be one motor on each axle that will provide individual power to the front and rear wheels. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the ICE variant will come equipped with a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine could potentially produce around 160 Bhp of maximum power.

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