Tata Sierra, Mahindra Scorpio and Mitsubishi Pajero inspired SUV

Even though modification in India is not as popular as it is in the developed markets, there are many backyard garages throughout the country who love doing unconventional things. In the past, we have spotted many regular vehicles trying to be more expensive through transformations and modifications. Well, here is a unique modification that is a blend of three legendary and iconic SUVs!

Tata Sierra, Mahindra Scorpio and Mitsubishi Pajero inspired SUV

The picture of this SUV is from Kerala, which is a state known for its extreme modification jobs. However, this modification job is not a regular one. On first look, you may say that this a cross job between a Mahindra Scorpio and a Mitsubishi Pajero. However, on closer inspection, the side profile of the vehicle reveals that it is a Tata vehicle and is most probably a Sierra.

The exact modification details are not known but the job was done on it quite interesting. To think of it, the donor vehicle here is a Tata Sierra, which is one of the first SUVs of India by an Indian manufacturer. The Sierra’s body is clearly visible from the side profile of this modified vehicle. At the front, the grille of this car will remind you of the Mahindra Scorpio while the overall paint job is inspired by the Mitsubishi Pajero.

If this vehicle crosses a person who does not care much about automobiles, it will be quite a task to reveal the real vehicle. We are not sure which engine powers this modified vehicle through. However, the registration details of the vehicle revealed that it came with a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine. It is quite possible that the vehicle still carries the original engine under the bonnet.

However, this is a recipe of disaster when it comes to the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). Such modifications are not legal and if the cops get to know, the vehicle can be seized instantly. Such modified vehicles have also been seized in the past and getting them back requires a lot of effort. To make such vehicles legal to run on public roads, one will have to get the Registration Certificate endorsed. Also, structural changes require tests and approval of ARAI, which again is a lengthy, tedious and money-centric job.

Getting a vehicle modified in India is a big risk and a big task too. Last year, the Kerala Police and MVD did a special drive together to catch the modified SUVs. Several notices were served to the owners of such vehicles asking them to bring the vehicle back to the stock condition.