Tata Sierra, Mahindra Scorpio & Mitsubishi Pajero: Three SUVs in one SUV

Car modifications are quite popular in the developed markets. Indians are not that far behind, and they never back away from using their imagination and creativity. We read and see a lot of our favourite cars being either completely modified or minor tweaks here and there. Some only change the look of the car, whereas some go deeper and advance the machinery itself.

Tata Sierra, Mahindra Scorpio & Mitsubishi Pajero: Three SUVs in one SUV

A lot of modifications even go unnoticed from the eyes of social media platforms, as they are restricted only to some backyard garages. We bring to you one such unique modified car. It’s a crossbreed of three different cars and the first glance could leave you extremely confused. Some might also think of it as a facelifted version of one of the cars, or a completely different car altogether.

The owner has carefully picked three iconic SUVs from the Indian market to blend and make something absolutely legendary. This car was found in god’s own country, Kerela, also a state well known for its modification jobs which are always one of their kinds. This car takes in three different SUV, from three different manufacturers. One the first glance, it will look as a blend between Mahindra Scorpio and a Mistubishi Pajero, however, the second glance might make you look at it in a different angle, where you will see the Tata Sierra.

The exterior of the car gives the feel of all three cars when you take a careful inspection around the car. The sides of the car seem to be inspired by the primary donor of the modified car, the Tata Sierra, which by the way, is one of the first SUVs is bought on the roads of our country by an Indian manufacturer. The front grille of the car will give away the part taken from the Mahindra Scorpio, which in itself is one of the most sold SUVs in the country. The overall paint job is the standard colours of the Mitsubishi Pajero. 

It will be quite difficult for an individual who isn’t into automobiles to figure out which car this is. Although we are not really sure of the engine specs of the modified car, the registration details reveal that it comes with a 2.0 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine. We’re not sure whether it still has the same engine or not.

Coming to the legalities involved in owning and driving modified cars on Indian roads, the government is not very supportive.  The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) is extremely vigilant and would immediately seize this car, in case they get to know about it and the owner has not adhered to all the documentation required to run this. To those interested, if you wish to legally run such modified vehicles on the road, you’ll have to get the original Registration Certificate endorse. All the changes made to the car has to undergo tests and approval of the ARAI, which will be a long and tedious task, and on top of that would burn quite a hole in your pockets. 

To run them illegally comes with a lot of risks. Last year itself, the Kerela Police and MVD, undertook the task of cleaning the states of such illegally made and run vehicles and didn’t shy away from seizing the car and thereafter serving the owners with notices to bring the car back to the stock condition.

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