New Mahindra Thar vs Concept Sierra (If it were real!): What’s your pick?

If the new Tata Sierra was available now, would you have bought the 2020 Mahindra Thar?

Tata has been evolving its way through the market over the years. Tata did an unexpected showcase of the Sierra concept car at the 2020 Auto Expo. It brought back a lot of memories who remember the epic launch of the original Sierra. Even though Tata has been quiet about the progress on the Sierra concept showcased but it’s safe to say that the launch is not anytime soon. But, those who went through their memory lane, would you imagine if the Sierra would be just as successful if it was present in today’s market scenario? Would you buy it over the all-new Thar? Would it still be as popular as it used to be in its time?

New Mahindra Thar vs Concept Sierra (If it were real!): What’s your pick?
The launch of the all-new Thar and the thought of Sierra probably being in the market together has got us thinking about the market scenario today. The sole reason the Sierra didn’t do as well as it was expected to do was that it was way ahead of its time. The market was definitely not ready to invest in a Sierra back in 1991.

The market has completely revamped now, with compact SUVs being a popular choice amongst people. SUVs are the new market trend and every manufacturer including Tata Motors have bent towards building the safest SUVs for the consumers at competitive prices.

If the Sierra was present in the market today, it would have done exceedingly well in the design spectrum as it came with a modern design belonging to the family of Tata cars. Even the concept Sierra was based on the original Sierra with fixed glass windows of the rear-going all the way to the roof. It was futuristic and modern and would look like a modified and classy version of the rugged Thar. We wonder what sort of impact that version would have on the consumer’s mind.

It would have been difficult to make an impression with the same 2.0-litre diesel engine used to power the Sierra as the Harrier. When it comes to the space in the cabin of the Sierra, it would comfortably seat a family. However, the Sierra might not be as comfortable as the Thar when it came to off-roading.

Why buy the Mahindra Thar?

The all-new Mahindra Thar has done well since its launch and is now at a stage where there is an 8-month waiting period to get the car. There are plenty of customization options available with the Thar. It would be the apt car for weekend drives with the family for an outing or a small group of friends.

The downside of the Thar is that it’s comfortable for two-people seating for longer drives and almost no boot space which also makes it impractical.

Why buy the Tata Sierra?

The Tata Sierra would offer a better cabin than Thar with a soft-top and fibre plastic hardtop. The rear seats of Sierra are actually as comfortable as it can get and occupants can actually enjoy their ride. The engine would be perfect for highway drives. The customer segment committing to Sierra would limit themselves by not being able to off-road with this car but would offer a modern look and feel.
So what would you choose? Would love to know through the comments section!