All-new Tata Sierra: What the production version could look like

The Tata Sierra concept became a crowd-puller at the 2020 Auto Expo and it was applauded by everyone who could catch a glimpse of the vehicle. In 2018, we used our imagination and talent of our in-house artist Vipin Vithoopan to show what the modern Sierra may look like if it ever becomes a reality. Fast forward to 2020 and the concept Sierra gets an uncanny similarity with the rendering picture that we had shared. Taking it forward, we bring you yet another rendering from Vipin Vithoopan that imagines the Tata Sierra concept after going through changes required to go into full-blown production.

Tata Sierra Ic Render 2

It was in 2007 when Pratap Bose, the current Vice President of Global Design of Tata Motors joined the brand, a full 7-years after the discontinuation of the Sierra. During the 9 years, when the Sierra was still in production, it failed to attract the customers around the world. However, most enthusiasts appreciated the design of the car.

The huge glasses of the three-door SUV became an iconic design and no car ever carried the same design ever again. In 2018, Pratap Bose shared his wish to work on the design of the two Tata icons – the Sierra and the Sumo. In 2020, the Sierra nameplate took a rebirth on a concept “artwork” of Mr Bose.

Impact Tata Sierra Render

Tata has got into a habit of launching the production version that remains almost similar to the concept designs so it was not a real big task for us to imagine the production model. Our rendering image shows the car powered by an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). Even though the Sierra Concept showcased at the 2020 Auto Expo is an electric version, Pratap Bose revealed that the Sierra will get both petrol and electric versions if it ever enters into production.

Keeping the curved glass roof on a production specification vehicle can be a challenge and can also increase the price of the vehicle by multiple times. The rendering version gets curved glasses similar to the original Sierra. It gives an illusion of covering the roof but in reality, both the glasses only cover a part of the roof. The front-end is designed according to the latest Tata’s IMPACT design language too. And yes, the sliding door that we saw on the concept vehicle is retained on the rendering image.

Tata Sierra Ic Render 1

It should be noted that Tata Motors has not officially said anything about making a production version of the Sierra. If at all this vehicle enters the production, it will take years to form the final product. But if the car does get a green signal, it will surely create ripples in the market, just like the original Sierra did in 1991. We do hope to see the Sierra in the production form in the coming years and keeping the icon alive for many more years after that.